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  1. You can try using some compressed air to see if something is blocking it, but that would be pretty obvious if the fan blades were not moving.
  2. Well copper is very soft....and I am not the softest person sometimes :/ Anyway I ended up going with ebay and all is good again. Thanks all for the input
  3. I was cleaning and repasting my y500 and somehow managed to put a big dent in the gpu pipe on the heatsink blocking the hot air from reaching the main fan. I tried bending it back but you know how that goes. Now my gpu is overheating (85+ C) while sitting passive. I have tried looking around for a decent place to buy a replacement heatsink and I have only run into two places to get it. 1. being ebay, although it is going for $100 which seems a bit overpriced. The 2nd option is uspcparts.com. Has anyone here ever used this site before? Thanks for any input in advance.
  4. I am running a y500 and can't imagine the design to be that different from the Y510p. Mine came with a 16gb mSata, and I replaced it with a 256gb mSata as the primary hdd. Works fine for me. I use this one.Amazon.com: Lite On Plextor M5M 0.85-Inch 256GB mSATA Solid State Drive (M5M 256GB): Computers & Accessories
  5. Well I decided to pretty it up and send it in for warranty repair. I suspect I may have fallen to the lenovo energy management problem that others were dealing with.
  6. So, I was having some fuzzy video signal on my y500. I thought it might be a loose connection on the lcd or on the board. So when I opened it up I had it running and while it was running I accidently pulled the main LCD connector out of the back of the LCD while the laptop was on....after that my laptop does not power on at all, no beeps, not even the fan moves at all. I am assuming I fried the motherboard, but I am not sure. It seems odd that I get no response at all, I was also wondering if it could possible be the ribbon that connects to the power connector. When I looked at it, it appeared okay. Is there an alternative to powering on the laptop without that ribbon/button? I am at a loss at what to do, if you guys have any advice let me know. edit: I also found that the fuzzy signal was a result of a bent pin on the VGA connector on the motherboard.
  7. I would buy a sick desktop and somehow get google to bring their internet service to my area. Then I would just buy a decent laptop and remote into the desktop to do editing or gaming.
  8. Well I started this thread and finally found my favorite case. I ended up finding it buried in the back of the church I work at. It looks like it was made for laptops. Not sure what brand it is but it works well. Here are some pics It was a bit beat up when I found it but I am also a bit rough with my cases so works for me. Still have no idea how to change the locking combination, didn't see any mechanism on the back of the locks.
  9. if it is similar to the Y500, make sure you have the little dolby home theater icon in the bottom right corner set to "On". I have found the only thing it does is boost how loud the speakers are.
  10. Yeah, I can mess around with these things for hours on end. I find the idea of how air pressure works very interesting. I was playing around with making a vacuum for my exhaust, working off the idea of this product Amazon.com: Mini Vacuum USB Air Extracting Cooling Fan Cooler for Notebook Laptop - Ships from USA warehouse in CA: Computers & Accessories It is basically just a blower fan that uses it's intake as your computers side exhaust. I actually bought this product for a few dollars and gave it a try. It was okay, on a less powerful laptop it could actually make a difference. Only thing is it is kind of cheap and plastic. Anyway the idea of how it works intrigued me, so I took a small delta fan that is shaped like a blower fan, but it sort of has the fins in a way like a fan on a GPU where it can push air all around it. Anyway I encircled it and attached it to a small box and it is pretty cool how well it works. It is a fan similar to the picture I attached, cool stuff. It is also pretty cool how pretty much all electronics can be powered by just a power and ground cable. It may seem obvious if you have already learned about circuits and stuff but to figure it out yourself is much more enjoyable.
  11. I had the setup going, but I could not make it effective enough. The fans I had sitting around I wanted to use on it were Silverstone 180mm air penetrators which are complete beasts, but they are also huge. So the issue I ran into was trying to keep the pvc pipes small enough so my laptop was not a foot off the ground and also get enough air pressure into the pipes. If you ever tried to push a lot of air into a small space it does not go well. So I tried constructing some sort of small box to hold the fans and then using a bag to connect to the pipes. I did get decent air pressure but it was too big and messy to keep on my desk. I recently took apart an old Dell Poweredge rack server and took out some high RPM 40mm Nidec fans so I might try doing something with those. I have found no matter what I do it does not cool well unless it is high pressure directed air right at the intakes on my laptop. Too bad I can't replace the fan on my Lenovo y500 easily.
  12. Here is what I use, I made it using some feet i salvaged from an old dvd/vcr player and then I cut this rubber ball I bought at target for 1$ in half and attached it to them. xD. I will show you my funny cooling setup when I get home, it involves a box some pvc pipes using a "forced air" setup. Google Forced air laptop cooler to find a guide that some guy did that was similar.
  13. Quick question, when I looked these up on Amazon people were selling them with little antennas(like ones on routers) with them. Would those even help much? how easy would it be to run them outside the laptop like this Amazon.com: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Plus Bluetooth (7260HMW) Dual Antenna, 802.11ac: Computers & Accessories
  14. Just thought someone may find this useful if they are looking into purchasing a SSD or mSata SSD drive for the holidays. M4 Crucial 64gb SSD Lite on Plextor M5M .85-inch 256GB mSata solid state drive They are both currently installed in my Y500 i7-3630QM 8gb SLI 750M GT. Also the tweaks I have applied are listed in this guide Just google(not sure if I can link other forums on here) [h=1]Sean's Windows 7 Install & Optimization Guide for SSDs & HDDs[/h]
  15. Okay so I finally have my ultrabay GPU and it is running fine, but when I went to start OC'ing my gpus i noticed they are running at different voltages. Is this normal? Everything else matches up fine. I attempted to lower the voltage on the gpu that is higher but nvidia inspector does not let me, it just bounces back. So my question is should I just raise my other GPU to match the ultrabay one or can I flash my internal GPU vbios with svl7's custom bios? It says in the readme it is only for the ultrabay bios so I did not want to brick my internal gpu. Thanks for any help.
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