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  1. I managed to get myself an M18x R1 with at least one dead GPU, thankfully I happen to have an AMD 7970m lying around. Sadly, after getting mid-way into disassembly, I discover the torx screws are heavily stripped, and some of the ribbon cables have no plastic clips, and are using improvised methods to be held in. Where can I purchase the clips, and how do I install them?
  2. ShadowOfScales

    Clevo x7200

    I believe the x7200 is not compatible with the 780m, although the 680m , even in SLI works fine. Source: X7200 with SLI GTX 680m - how it works, Impressions, Benches I'm sure you can find a buyer for the 780m, I myself may be interested if I can repair my Alienware M18x R1 (stripped torx screws and lack of plastic ribbon cable clips are inconvenient).
  3. I'd recommend getting a 780m instead, as the 880m is pretty much a rehash of it, with more VRAM (which won't do anything for performance unless you plan to game with multiple displays, or 4k resolutions).
  4. Much appreciated, pity the previous owner of mine both lose some of the clips holding in the ribbon cables, using an improvised solution, and stripped most of the torx screws.
  5. I'm about to receive an MSI MS16-F2, with a 570m, i7 2670QM, 6GB RAM, and a 7200 RPM 750gb HDD for ~$500USD, which I'd say is quite nice. Now, with the unexpectedly low auction price, I'd like to know of possible GPU upgrades, and whether there would be people interested in buying the 570m, and for how much. So what Nvidia GPUs work, or rather: don't work? I'd probably end up getting a 670mx, or possibly a 680m, as I figured that all of the dead 6990ms and 7970ms must be there for a reason, and the 580m likely produces too much heat. Would I need to take any particular steps, or would it work with the stock heatsinks and such?
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