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  1. Yeah, I've already ordered another laptop. I just don't know how best to sell by existing one. I can get at least £200 for the Nvidia 770m on it's own, so I don't know whether it's better to take it apart an sell the g-card, processor, screen, keyboard, RAM etc individually, or just to sell the laptop as-is with a reserve of £350. Tricky one.
  2. So do you reckon it's worth selling as used parts, or as a broken laptop?
  3. ^^ The thing I'm finding is, my laptop while bought in 20012 is relatively good spec. as I upgraded parts in January - it's got a quad core i7 and a 770m. Do you reckon it's worth selling as used parts, or as a broken laptop?
  4. UPDATE: Flashed original BIOS and EC firmware, courtesy of MSI (DL links at end of post). Fan is still broken, as before, pulsing on (100%) and off (0%). I'm now thinking that perhaps it is a hardware issue. It's not the fan itself, as this is new. The connection from the fan to the mainboard is good - I have confirmed this using a multimeter. Given how I accidentally caused 2 of the 3 pins to be touching when I powered the laptop on, I think that there is a reasonable chance that a capacitor somewhere down the line has popped. I'm seriously tempted to just sell my laptop on ebay and use the money to subsidise the purchase of a new one, at this point. Advice, as always, very much appreciated. MS-1761 WHITEBOOK bios: E1761IG6.30I.RAR MS-1761 WHITEBOOK EC firmware: 1761EG61.405.rar
  5. Aw ok, have contacted MSI, they're going to email me the correct BIOS and EC firmware (hopefully). I don't support you know what might be causing my fan issues do you Xonar? :/ If the EC firmware upgrade doesn't work then I'm shit out of ideas.
  6. My question boils down to something fairly simple, actually. Q: Is it possible to, when in DOS, force a firmware upgrade for the EC by over-riding checks? ...(As can be done with BIOS by adding \x )
  7. [accidental post...]<accidental post=""></accidental>
  8. Have done as above. When trying to flash EC firmware, I get an error saying the board type is not compatible. My EC version (from BIOS) is: 1761EG61 Ver. 4.05 ...which is really weird, as a google search indicates is for Chinese versions of this laptop... Oh, and after I reverted from Xonar's BIOS to the MSI one, my copy of Windows is no longer genuine. -_____- Just great. Is there any way to force EC firmware to write? /p or something? Paging the god of MSI.
  9. God damn it. Bought a new fan - didn't fix the issue. Still spinning at 100% or not at all. I'm tearing my hair out here. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this might be?
  10. Doesn't work, unfortunately. :/ I'm hoping a new fan will fix this.
  11. Hi guys, Having some issues with my fan: There's on (100%) or off (0%) but nothing in between. Instead of moving up and down through the percentages, it seems that the fan only has 2 states. When this issue started: Yesterday I thought I'd open up the case and clean the dust from the vents. Dropped fan. ( >.< ) When reconnecting the fan, I bent one of the prongs so it touched the other, but didn't realise at first. Powered up laptop, realised fan wasn't running, turned off laptop, discovered bent prongs, bent back into position and reconnected fan. Verified that connection was good using multimeter. Turned on, fan ran, but issues started. What I've tried: Reflashed BIOS using Xonar's. Followed post-flash steps (took out battery, removed AC/DC adaptor). Problem persists. Went into Thermal Configuration on BIOS and adjusted fan temps/speeds. Problem persists. Clean install of G-Card drivers. Problem persists. What I think the problem is: I think when I dropped the fan I dislodged the controller wire inside the fan itself, on the fan's PCB. Because of this, all directions for the fan to switch on result in 100% on, without allowing any steps in between. I think that buying a new fan will fix the problem... What do you guys think? EDIT1] My problem is exactly that of OP in: https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=162459.0 EDIT2] Also, I appreciate that you guys like to help out because you're helpful people, but if anyone can provide a solution to this I'll paypal you £10, or donate it to TI. I've used this forum before for and received excellent advice, yet have not been able to offer anything myself!
  12. The one thing I've noticed re: fps drops - if you cap your FPS in whatever game you're playing you can decrease the frequency of drops, but they still happen. Hitting the 100% fan button also helps to reduce the frequency.
  13. I didn't realise it was a temperature related thing, I'll have to keep an eye on that. Shame ThrottleStop is ineffective. :/ EDIT Getting throttled at 54*C. EDIT2 Yeah, definitely seems to be tied to temperature. I've been starting every game with the fan at 100% and it's been fine at 45ish*C, which is easy to maintain in my coooold room.
  14. Hey! Yeah, getting drops on CSGO and Red Orchestra 2. I've always had drops on CSGO because it's poorly optimized, but never really on RO2. This is with ThrottleStop turned on as well. Not really that bothered by them at the moment, just glad to have a functional gamign PC again. I did notice that with VSync enabled I didn't get them on CSGO. TBH, what I'm finding more annoying is the VBios gui at boot. Just those 3 lines...
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