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  1. Thanks for the answer. now I just turned back on my AlienFX after hear that. - - - Updated - - - It's good for me because I only love stock speed. I only want to play safely.
  2. I've also heard new alienware's motherboard using HM87 chipset only accept DDR3L.
  3. I'm with 4900qm and alienware 18. I haven't seen any heating issues with overheating yet. I never overclocked yet.
  4. I'd recommend to use MX-4. My both cpu and gpu's are on it, and very satisfied.
  5. I've read it some post that one of dell engineer said alienware 18 is working perfectly as it is designed.... Might be that is meaning there will be no fix for these main problems?
  6. both are not OC'd yet. If I only would like to use in stock speed for both, Overusing than 330w could be happen? I'm so worried and I'm even turned off AlienFX. It's little bit off topic, but anyone know how much 'w' AlienFX will take nomally? (only using with only normal effect, no flickering effect or etc.)
  7. I have seen some post there is some micro stuttering issue with HPET while using SLI but there is no such option named HPET in my alienware 18's bios, there is no way to find it's turned on as default. anyone know it's turned on as default, and is there any manual method to turn it off in OS? thx in advance.
  8. Hi I'm getting lags with almost 3d applications. my spec is 4900mq/ 780m SLI /16gb ram /msata 80gb cache +hdd. CPU is unparked and vga power setting is preffered maximum performance in NCP. but I haven't flashed vbios yet. cpu, vga temp was arlight with OSD observation. there is nothing wrong in osd when lag's occuring. And lag is gone away while single gpu rendering mode in sli profile in NCP (only clue is gpu clock is keep changing because gpu boost technology) Gpu boost could be the reason of my lag? anyone could advice me how to reduce or eliminate of the lag? thanks in advance
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