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  1. Maybe you can create your own, http://sourceforge.net/projects/lprof/ Keep in mind that the lights in the room can affect the look of the colors.
  2. On my Clevo, without the Clevo hotkey software, all my fn keys work except my keyboard led control ones. The keyboard light defaults to blue, but no way to change it or turn it off. I killed the hitkey program because it was always changing my lcd display brightness settings, which was driving me nuts.
  3. How did I'm Poor get it working? So now the fans don't run all the time? For the P1xSM bios/ec, any info on how the fan profiles where changed, i.e. before and after values?
  4. Yes, true. Thanks for clarifying, I should have added that as well. Sli and 120Hz prevent optimus on the Clevos, from what I understand. Thus no optimus, thus the discrete gpu runs all the time.
  5. I don't use 3Ds Max, but from what I see they do recomend a opengl card, and Autodesk suggest the pro gpu cards, like Firepro and Quadro. Try looking at the Lenovo y510. That is the low end gaming that is decent. Check the reviews out and see if anyone uses 3Ds Max on it. It is a bit more than your budget, but maybe you can find a deal. What hardware do you use now, and does it work well?
  6. Isn't the 8GB ram shared with the cpu on Maxwell. Seems 20nm is slightly delayed...
  7. This model does not have Optimus, so the Intel gpu will never come on. This is the only way the 120Hz screen would work, as it has to bypass the intel gpu.
  8. ajnindlo

    GTX 780m upgrade

    Not sure if I understand the problem fully. 180 Watts is enough to drive the 780M, with Haswell, but with no over clocking. For OC you need more watts. Did you try the kepler vbios from this site? Is it OK without over clocking? Or is that the issue? If so, try a bigger power supply.
  9. $700 will not do high end gaming. Gaming laptops start at $1000 for one that will barely run AAA titles, to $1500 for a decent one, and $1800 and up for a good one. For that price you might think of getting a old playstation or xbox and use the rest for a laptop.
  10. I got a G930 coming for Christmas...
  11. Your temps are pretty normal. If you want lower temps, run your fans on max. Or underclock, undervolt, etc. Also get rid of background programs since you talking about idle temps. But why, what makes you think those temps are high? You can't compare desktops to laptops.
  12. Actually there is a piece of software that does just that. I believe one manufacturer bought the rights to it, so it is not available unless you have that model. Doesn't really matter as I read a review on it, and the reviewer said it was better to uninstall it as it was more hassle than it was worth.
  13. Huh? I think that isn't quite right. Unrestricted airflow is better. The fans are mostly for the cpu and the gpu. Those have heat sinks on them that are connected to cooling fins. You want as much air to hit those fins as possible. The heat is then transfered to the air, which is being blown out. Hope that makes sense. But be careful enlarging the grill. First it probably violates your warranty. Second if the holes are too big, then things can get in. Like paper clips, food, fingers, etc. These might damage the fans. I wouldn't recomend doing it. Instead clean dust out so air is flowing good. If temps are still higher then when new, then maybe repaste. Not all models are easy to get to the cpu and gpu to repaste. But if you have access, then it is fairly easy.
  14. Could be only a few see the problem, or everybody is using the modified vbios. They may not think it is a big deal. I know some resellers sent the units back unfixed, saying it was fixed. So maybe it wasn't escalated to Sager/Clevo. Maybe they are working on it. Who knows...
  15. If you get glossy, you can always add a matte screen protector...
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