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  1. source code is here: https://bitbucket.org/epocapp/ledkb
  2. I can give you guys the code, that's easy, but it won't help you. You can't port it, trust me. Or more correctly, you can but the hassle is so much that you're better off writing it from scratch... Basically you need to start off with the stock clevo app and add parts from my new project with the Milight lamps... If anyone with the skill is interested i can help him out.
  3. Hello everyone. I released a new app that does more or less what this one does but for RGB Led Wifi lamps. So you can now have these effects in your living room. I don't know how many of you use that kind of thing but check it out, it's pretty neat MiLight Controller
  4. I've taken a look at the new hotkey driver. I have good news and bad news. The good is that Clevo finally decided to make a proper backlight controller for their keyboards. It supports RGB colors instead of just the 8 we had. The keyboard color changer software is probably still a bit beta but it's on the right path. The bad news is that my controller requires major rewrite to work with these new keyboards. It's probably not going to happen because i have neither the time nor a new machine to do the tests on.
  5. in the meanwhile do this: open the event log viewer. Go to applications log and find these 2: "outlog" and "powerbiosserverlog". right click on them and select "save all events as". save them and send them over to have a look
  6. i've never tried it with hotkey v2.24.28. I suspect they changed something there. I'll take a look when i have some time
  7. Most probably yes, try it and let us know
  8. thanks for clearing up that mess mate. @P370SM3: OK, try with this hotkey version and let me know how it goes. They probably haven't changed the WMI functions so if the lights work with the latest stock hotkey chances are my app will then work too - - - Updated - - - the original app is a real POS. I'm amazed they actually made such a poor job at it
  9. do you get this problem only with my app or with the stock one aswell? Try uninstalling both my app and hotkey. Restart and install only clevo's hotkey. Do you have lights working now?
  10. I'm afraid i don't have access to that model so it's improbable that i'll add support for it...
  11. No. Hotkey is just an application. You need the drivers and the software from the whole package for it to work
  12. Install the windows 8 version anyway. I believe that the new hotkey for windows 8 will work on windows 7. The only difference is that the windows 8 version hides the clevo volume and brightness sliders because windows 8 have their own. @all: About the OSD, have you tried right-clicking the tray icon and untick the K/B indicator? It is supposed to stop the OSD from showing
  13. assasin creed doesn't use lightFX. Are you using the adaptive color effect? If so it will only work if you run the game in windowed or borderless modes, not fullscreen. Otherwise just change the effect to a different one
  14. SOFTWARE MODS Backlight Controller Light FX Light FX Dynamic-Link Library Hotkey OSD Theming Linux Fan Control for Clevo (P775DM3)
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