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  1. Unios

    Gaming Headset

    I looked at skull candy, those headset looks nice. The one thing I dislike about wireless headset (or wireless anything) is that they require batteries. It just sucks after playing so long then all of a sudden the sound goes off.
  2. Also I can get most window OS for free so that is a minus on price. Server, Windows, etc. The above ^ sounds like it'll be pretty sturdy though with recent price for i5 is around $150-200.
  3. Basicly just to run a server, pen test for security, and maybe run a web server. Just some basic network admin things. Budgeting would be around $500's and well I guess I can also attempt to run a basic private game server.
  4. I'm thinking about building a desktop, a test server for practice in the future. I'll be using window server 2008. On a side note i'm majoring in network administrator. So what is a good standard, spec wise, should this desktop be? I'm not thinking of making anything super and I have some parts that is available to use; I have 500 watt power supply, 80gb & 30gb hdd.
  5. Unios

    Gaming Headset

    Question I am debating on getting a turtle beach and a razer headset. Which is better currently I've looked at the razer megalodon it looks and sounds like it's a great product and it seems like a fair deal for a headset around $100. But I've heard that turtle beach is pretty good as well. If you guys have a favorite gaming headset please share so I can look around more.
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