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  1. I chose clevo because it was the only system at the time that had 2 gfx cards. NP9380-S back in 2013. I'm still using this system with no major problems. Nothing in the system has failed, and I keep it clean. Think it was 3k$ well spent.
  2. Im not a big fan of 880m yet, its exactly the same for the most part except for the slight increse in clock speeds, which i have my 780m's set to. The reduced the power footprint some, which I feel could be a bad thing when it comes to overclocking. It just doesnt have anything yet that makes me want to go out and buy one or two just my .02
  3. when i tried to overclock my CPU, anything i did, to increase the voltage, it would do the same to me too. its because the 4900mq is no overclockable, it has a locked power %, and wont go over it. only the extreme edition can be overclocked. kinda bummed out with that. i noticed that when i overclocked my gpus, some games are real picky on accepting the settings, you may have to tweak your clock settings per game. i use MSI afterburner for the clocking, then i do a test run of the clocks with furmark
  4. dre dre can you post your findings on where you heard they were being discontinued? edit: oh shit, you wernt kidding. i went to sagers site and they dont even list the NP9380 or 9390 AT ALL!the 880m isnt a big overhaul form the 780m. i already surpassed the 880m with my OC setup.imho i dont think its worth upgrading from the 780m sli to 880m sli.if anyone can give me good reason to do so i would love to hear it GeForce GTX 880M SLI 3072 @ 954MHz 256 Bit @ 5000MHz GeForce GTX 780M SLI 3072 @ 823MHz 256 Bit @ 5000MHz
  5. because i have my computer overclocked and added power draw helps keep everything in check. i overclocked the vbios more, and the cpu more. im also making use of all 4 hard drive slots, and have a nice little led setup on the exhaust of the notebook. the gpus take about 100w per gpu, and the cpu requires about 50-75w. that doesnt leave very much play for everything else. when you think about the lcd screen, hard drives, backlit keyboard, ect
  6. this is why i bought a second PSU and linked them together with the Clevo AC-100 power adaptor. so instead of 330w for my NP9380-S, i now have 660W running to it.
  7. when im running furmark, my main gpu doesnt go above 93c and my secondary doesnt go above 86c. i have never played a game yet that went over 79c on either card. so im not too concerned with the temps. im still running svl7's vbios and prema's bios for the system and everything runs smoothly. (except the damn keyboard backlight) which i could never get to work. but oh wells.
  8. clevo and sager are tracking there is a issue, but they seem to ignore the fix. you have to do the vbios update yourself to fix it. Im just glad that there is a fix and we dont have to live though a computer with faulty shit on it.
  9. if the notebook is a clevo, then yes, it doesnt matter what name brand is on it
  10. If you need help with installing the BIOS or the vBIOS, shoot me a PM and ill walk you through both. I have done both to my system and we both have the same system. @Prema did you give him the bios with the edited splash screen Edit: you will need a USB thumb drive to do these flashes
  11. yes on the thunderbolt port, and for some reason i cant get my hdmi to work on my tv, probally because my lcd tv is ancient.
  12. With gaming, the max I saw was 85 c and furmark fr the benchmark was 93 c At idle I look at 25c to 35 c No cooler, just sitting on a table top. I have it slightly tilted in the back to add to the ergonomics of the keyboard and to add elevation for the notebook to breathe. Honestly I have not seen a increase in temps from the stock vbios and the oc'ed one. I can tell you that my bitcoin mining from the stock to the oc has increased by +/- 7%
  13. sorry ive been gone lately, work is kicking my ass. Ill try and come back to the forums shortly. Hope everything is working well for everyone.
  14. Because the problems only happen at certian temps. For me it was 46-66c
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