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  1. I see guys, thanks for the report, I'm using the stock bios, do you know make a boot device for safe just in case something go wrong when I try to flash next time? I saw some thread somewhere saying to creat a .bat and something like that, but I didn't find it anymore
  2. Hey svl7, I created the bootable usb pendrive and everything went good, I flashed did all the commands but I didn't know how to save the bios, I looked for my filename of my respective bios before do the flash, and I also flashed and it asked me two times to press ''yes'', I did and made a beep sound and at the end it said it flashed sucessful, I pressed CTRL + ALT + DEL and went to the system, but the vbios was the same I started with!
  3. Really? Damn, but I did everything in the tutorial from Nvidia BIOS Flash thread, it asked if I wanted to flash and I typed yes and asked something again and I typed yes, it did a beep sound and said at the end the bios was flashed sucessful
  4. Took a print from GPU-Z, this is the version of the vBios, what do you think Prema? Is it really the sl7?
  5. Is it hard to open the notebook, and reapply thermal paste? I have Arctic Silver 5 and Arctic MX-4, how is the fixation on the heatsink for the CPU and where is it located?
  6. Nice to hear that, unfortunately for me the vbios didn't work, what OS are you running? And using the 331.58 driver as well? Can you post a screen of GPU-Z of your BIOS version? Because I did flash, and at the end it said sucessfull and everything, just to make sure I really flashed the bios. Thanks.
  7. Glad you said that, I'm going to try with the old driver now (327.23)
  8. Hey guys, I want to know the average temperature of your processor while gaming, from whose that have the i7 4800MQ, I'm using the maximum performance mode in the Windows 7 and my core temps average is 40~45ºC in idle, but when I'm gaming, games very light weight like Black Ops 2 and my processor go to the 80~80ºC average in minutes, in Battlefield 3 it reached the 90'sºC, is that normal? My laptop is Sager NP 9380-S, bought directly from Sager. Thanks
  9. Well, I just tried with the vbios sl7 and the problem still exists (flickering lines) but it is hard to make it to happen, I had to alt+tab 5 times to see the lines, and the screen gone black and driver crashed. I don't know what to do now... Edit.: Just opened Black Ops 2 and the screen gone black in first few seconds with the new vbios
  10. Hey guys anyone here has the stock bios saved? Because I did the vbios update but I wasn't able to save my stock bios, I'm gonna test now with the vbios from sl7 and keep you guys update if the problem has been fixed Edit.: The problem is not fixed, just played BO2 and the screen gone black and in BF3 there was flickering lines
  11. Just to make you guys updated, I tried the new driver apparentely was everything ok but I did some alt+tab and everything and the flickering lines appeared and the game crashed with black screen, I'm gonna flash the bios
  12. So the Prema topic are for the whole system bios, like a bios for a motherboard in a desktop PC? And the other ones are for the GPU, those don't require anything before the flash? And what is EC?
  13. Right, can I flash the vbios for the system (like motherboard for desktop PCs?) and also use the vbios for the GPU in which fixes the flickering/black screen problem? And sorry but I didn't understand which vbios is for my model on that list. Thanks for the support, Prema.
  14. Really? I'm gonna test this new driver, but in case it doesn't work, how can I be able to recognize if I'm with everything ok to flash de vbios? I mean, I saw the Prema topic and there is some procediments before the flash, but I don't know he just said me this vbios fix the problem but in his oficial topic before flashing a vbios we need to check the version, EC and things like that, do I have to check something before the update or just update? Thanks again for the answers.
  15. What file is the vbios for my laptop? And this is a bios for the whole system or for the GPU? My model is Sager NP9380-S. Thanks.
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