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  1. Does disabling hyperthreading improve performance... plzzz
  2. @J95 dint get the difference exactly... can u tell me again... how does it keep driver loaded and which is better
  3. What is the difference bw maximum performance mode and persistent performance mode in power management options... which one is better for UE3 games like batman arkhm origins.. and what is the cause for Batman Ao GPU usage fluctuation from 70-98% ..... cant it run on full GPU load and if yes then how... ive fixed my BL2 but cant fix Bamtan AO
  4. @J95 thanks a ton man!..... ill use that in future. @Eats7 is the petition for m14x throttling fix going anywhere.? - - - Updated - - - @J95 thanks a ton man!..... ill use that in future. @Eats7 is the petition for m14x throttling fix going anywhere.?
  5. @J95 dude... I meant that the files which contain the bugs in them to disable GPU boost I want them modified so they can be used as it is In 331.82... I WANT THE BUGS
  6. @laz91 already got my A11 unlocked and working like a charm...
  7. Is it possible that the bugs in 331.65 which are causing the graphic cards to not undergo GPU boost be isolated and implemented in the latest NVidia drivers . I have m14xr2 and this is the only driver that doesn't let my card throttle due to this bug.... its a very helpful bug... any tweaks in files.. because I feel like using 331.82 and cant do it without these bugs.. throttling ahs troubled me enuf @svl7
  8. Im noticing GPu usage spikes varying from 50-99% any thoughts...???
  9. @svl7... I installed the A11 modded bios and my base core clock is on 650M is at 950mhz.. can u tell me a way to change it to 900 permanently using bios.. NVidia inspector and afterburner cant change it because im using 331.65 drivers... it doesn't allow GPU boost and overclocking so whatever clock speed is in bios it will make the card run at that particular speed only permanently... NO THROTTLING AT ALL ..... but I want to run it on 900Mhz
  10. Dude I need the modded A11 bios.. can u arrange one for me.. cant seem to find it

  11. whers the A11 modded bios file?
  12. @everyone..... where is the link to unlocked A11 bios.. cant seem to find it after 2 days of gng through forums
  13. If someone can finda way to disable GPU boost or dynamic overclocking in m14xr2 by hacking bios driver etc.. maybe we can prevent throttling just like 331.65 NVidia driver is doing although its a bug but its a viable solution to follow.. nyone?
  14. @hauke can u post the link to A11 unlocked bios.. cant seem to find it in forums
  15. is A03 the only unlocked version u have cos there are no other clear cut bios links in forums
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