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  1. Kwaz

    Y510P Bios

    Old thread... but if you get the unlocked Y510p bios your wireless card will work just fine. I'm using it now in fact. You can find the unlocked bios thread under the Lenovo / IBM Laptop Forum as a sticky.
  2. I believe there is a seperate Bluetooth Driver somewhere on the Intel Support site for the 7260. I was wondering the same thing when I got mine, but since I don't use Bluetooth it wasn't deal breaker. A few months later when upgrading some USB drivers from Intel I happened upon a Bluetooth driver update for the card somewhere. I don't know where it was... you'll have to do some digging. The way it seems to work (but I could be mistaken) is that there is a wifi driver and a separate Bluetooth driver for the AC7260 card. Hope this helps! - Kwaz
  3. This is something that was proposed in some other threads. I've thought about doing it, having someone else do it or buying the motherboard with it. I'll probably end up replacing this thing before I get around to it though haha! I'm not that attached to it
  4. Nope! No issues. It's pretty straightforward. Just follow the instructions carefully Best of luck Trunk!
  5. That's odd. I run 7 64 Pro myself and don't have that issue. Sounds like a problem with the laptop itself. If your within your 30 days I'd get a replacement through wherever you purchased it as it's probably much less time than going through Lenovo.
  6. I remember reading some feature about Haswell processors and intel wifi where it scans while powered down in certain states sleep to maintain wifi connection and download things. I forget what exactly but I do distinctly recall reading about this. I'm sure there is a way to disable it.
  7. I had no flipping idea that this existed. Looks great. Maybe I'll install windows 8 on a separate partition and give it a whirl some time. What I'd be worried about here is long term support though. I wish Microsoft would just make two options. So many people want the start bar and the old functionality back.
  8. Oh! I didn't know that you wanted to just install Windows 7 on your SSD. That would have been easy
  9. Hey XUNB1, I run 7 Pro 64 Bit and have no issues. I'm running a Y510p SLI though. I downgraded for the same reasons. Forget that Windows 8 mess Back to your issue - I'm not 100% sure what may be causing this but there are some things I'd try. The first thing I'd do is make sure that you aren't running out of ram. It's possible that you might be running out of ram and writing to page file. That sounds unlikely though given the crashes that you're having. Still check it out though. You might also have a bad hard drive. Maybe. Once upon a time I had a computer that did shit like this. It's in a landfill now I play L4D2 and don't have the issues that you're having. The next thing I'd try is uninstalling the display driver, restarting, cleaning your registry with something like CCleaner, restarting again and then installing the freshest driver. If that doesn't work, do the same thing over again but install the previous driver. Speaking of, has this always happened? Is it new? And btw are you running 32 or 64 bit? Have you tried closing all background programs? Have you sacrificed any animals and smeared their blood across the bezel? Do pray tell.
  10. This in particular actually has nothing to do with Lenovo. Every computer is like this. I forgot to mentioned that one thing you might be able to do is go into the bios and turn off secure boot. That might be causing some issues now that I think about it. In fact, it looks like there are some issues. Check it
  11. That I do not know... It probably does. But the deal with that most of the time as with anything is that they'd have to prove what you did borked the laptop. There was a lawsuit about car warranties a while back along similar lines where someone would change their own spark plugs and they'd deny warranty coverage when the wheel fell off (for example). For instance, modding the bios wouldn't cause one of your keys to pop off or the hinges to break. I mean unless you overclocked it and in doing so the extra heat fatigued the metal which induced the failure but I mean.... ​really
  12. I haven't used those software tools in quite some time. What I started doing is using something called a "toaster" which is a drive cloning device. You put both the drive you want to copy and the new drive in the device and it makes a clone. The new drive needs to have enough space in it to hold the old drive. For me this has worked perfectly several times. Toasters are pretty cheap. This is the drive toaster that I have. It isn't the best toaster that I've used, but the reviews of this particular one on Newegg aren't deserving. I don't like using the cloning software because I've had the same issues that you're having. It can also be a bit complicated and I've just never liked the way that it's done. As I remember you also need to use software and reboot to a dos program to finish the job. I like the toaster because you just pop in both drives (like toast ) and push the start button. Seems faster too! (especially if you're using USB 2 /gag) I can't offer much help with the software. You might have better luck on a non laptop specific forum like Anandtech if you still want to go the software route. There are a lot of existing threads somewhere out there on issues like this. Best of luck Sully!
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