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  1. Hey Klem! Can you unlock my vbios, remove whitelist, and also unlock hidden menus? (all 3 options) My results file (3.03, 860m) https://www.sendspace.com/file/mo0n1f Thank you!
  2. Just an update to the status of the situation. I sent my Lenovo Y410P to repair under warranty last friday and got it back yesterday. They said they replaced the motherboard and updated the BIOS version to v3.05, and played CSGO today with no problems whatsoever! Hope it doesn't happen again.
  3. Okay, I tried uninstalling Lenovo Energy Management and it did not help. The stutter and freeze-ups were still prevalent. I did some testing to see if it was the games' or hardware's' problem. I set CS:GO and LoL to my Integrated Graphics Processor and there were no stutters/freeze-ups as opposed to when using the Nvidia GPU. Does anyone have insight on this? I have contacted Lenovo about this and they insist it's game's fault.
  4. I'm pretty sure I'm not running out of RAM. I noticed that my graphics driver likes to crash periodically when I'm playing LoL. As for CSGO, whenever it locks up I notice that the process is "Not responding" in the task manager. I bought my laptop back in July last year, 64 bit. Yes and no . I'll try this and update later, thanks! P.S: You mean Energy management right?
  5. I'm running a genuine copy of Windows 7 Pro right now as a matter of fact.
  6. I've been searching around everywhere for someone who may have or had this issue online but I haven't found anything. Anyways, I bought the Y410P with the nVidia GT 750M back in late July and I downgraded to Windows 7 because I disliked 8. Since then, most 3D games I play such as L4D2, CS:GO, and League of Legends will stutter at random times or even freeze up for 3-8 seconds. I've noticed at times that the nVidia driver crashes on me when playing other games or doing other tasks that do not require intensive graphics processing. I do not think I've experienced any of these problems when I was on the stock Windows 8 OS that came with the laptop. Can anyone help me out? Currently running the latest WHQL drivers (331.82).
  7. I use a sleeve with handles and put it in my swiss gear school bag. I can fit all my peripherals in it too along with school books and binders.
  8. You can also use msinfo32 found in Windows (search for it) if you don't want to download any additional software.
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