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  1. Well, I attend NYU Poly. The wifi is actually really good. My wifi isn't as great at home. Yet for some reason it has problems connecting to my school's wifi. It constantly connects then stops working. I think the best choice that we have is just replace the card.
  2. In your opinion which graphics card do you guys think I should upgrade my 670 to? And is the Titan better than the 690? I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about them both. Or should I just jump into the 700 series and forget the Titan and 690?
  3. Can anyone point me to a guide on overclocking my GTX 670 please ^-^. I plan to upgrade to a 690 later one but for now I want to over clock this for the time being. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Understood guys. So in essence what I get is that the 2230 is crap. Let me know what you guys get from the 7620 with the hacked bios please!
  5. I was wondering, would it be worth buying another 670 gtx for my computer to sli them? Or should I upgrade it to maybe a 690 once I save up enough money? In addition, should I overclock the 670?
  6. I may sound a bit technologically challenged, but whats the point of he 24gb ssd in the 510p?
  7. Hello guys, I recently bought a lenovo y510p. Upon having some problems such as loosing internet connection after a few minutes,, i looked it up. Apparently the intel wireless-n 2230 card is not so great on windows eight. Does anyone have any ideas on what i can do to fix it? Or anything they can suggest to me?
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