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  1. I assume this is a locked version of the BIOS, right? So, we would either need slv7 (or someone else) to work on a fix or live with a locked BIOS if we choose to update...
  2. In regards to Original KH Special Laptop Carbon Skin Cover for Lenovo Y500 Series | eBay from your post...I was wondering if there are any skins for the Y400? I've been looking around and can't really find any. Only ones I can find are for the Y500 which are a different size. If you know a place that has them, please let me know!
  3. Forgot to follow up to this thread for awhile. Since I originally posted, I decided to try Win8 (with StartIsBack, to make it bearable for my needs). Installing Win8 vs. Win7 which I was using when I first posted, I immediately dropped to the same 8-9 sec boot time that others have posted. I also put in Plextor M5M PX-256M5M mSATA as my main Win drive. Using the msata vs. standard ssd didn't provide any noticeable differences, but I never performed any benchmarks to compare. I've since installed 8.1 update and everything seems comparable still.
  4. I think I realized where the difference is coming in. After reading about Win 8 on our comps, it seems that is what allows the really fast boot times. I'm running Win 7 on my SSD. I'm thinking about imaging my smaller SSD to back this one up and then installing a fresh copy of Win 8 to see how that goes. Probably won't until sometime next week, though.
  5. Entirely possible. I would look around and see if I can figure it out. However, I don't have any experience tracking these things down. I tried looking around online and I couldn't really find documentation or details about how to get rolling. If you know where to look (for either the files, documentation, or guides on the subject), let me know!
  6. I fixed the title of the thread, because I already fixed the problem. But the first problem was that this option wasn't available for me (because of driver version). Then it wasn't working. Anyway, see my previous post for a semi-explanation on how it fixed. But fixed nonetheless.
  7. For the people with less than 10s boot times, if applicable, how long did you have the OS installed before running your SSD in your Lenovo? I had mine for about 1 year, so I'm wondering if all the extra installed background apps/processes cause the increase. I haven't tried booting on a completely fresh install. Also curious about timing and making sure we're comparing apples to apples. I timed from the moment I hit the power button. Just making sure that I eliminate unnecessary variables.
  8. Because, 95% of the time, I don't want to use it. But, that 5%....I don't want to take apart the computer everytime that 5% comes to pass.
  9. Your boot times reminded me about my boot time. The boot times I mentioned originally were prior to flashing my BIOS. After the flash, I'm getting around 17-20s boots to the desktop, plus another 7-10s for background services - that's with the GUI boot. I definitely know what you mean by feeling spoiledǃ
  10. Got it! Honestly, I"m not exactly sure what I did. Last night in my tired haze, I tried installing the ELAN drivers then the Synaptic drivers for Windows 7, then I did the same for Windows 8. For whatever reason, when I got the Win 8 Synaptic drivers installed, it seemed to work after restarting. Now I'm just leaving it unchecked. I did notice that for a brief moment during booting, just after the desktop becomes visible that the touchpad is responsive. It quickly stops, however. Thanks for all the help/suggestions, everyone!
  11. Couldn't find any discussion, even questions about, the keyboard backlight and its having no timeout on the Y400/Y500, either here or elsewhere. Maybe this isn't something most people care about. However, on my last laptop (a 3-year old Toshiba) I had a backlight keyboard also which turned off automatically after something like 10-20 seconds, if no keys were being pressed. I really liked it personally. I realize my Y400 has three settings - off, low, high - but I was wondering if anyone knows about setting and/or adjusting a backlight timeout for the keyboard?
  12. I wish it was that easy. I have the icon, no problem. When I bring up the Pointing Device Properties, I don't have an Advanced tab. Still, I looked under all the tabs for anything again and didn't see an option like switching it off for a one session. Under the Device Settings tab, there *is* an option to enable/disable (not specifically for one session, however). I tried disabling it, but it came back on when resuming the computer like before. I also tried clicking the Settings button and dug through all the options there but didn't see anything relating to enabling or disabling. Since you obviously have this...I'm wondering if my driver is not correct somehow. I'll try downloading the ones from Lenovo, uninstalling, reinstalling to see if this fixes and will report back. EDIT: The driver may actually be the problem. I am still downloading but can verify afterwards. The reason I think this is because I've had issues with a couple other drivers, specifically audio and webcam, because I am running Win 7 and used the Win 7 drivers. For whatever reason, the Win 8 drivers *did* work. Found this out a couple months ago when I was first installing the new drivers on my existing SSD.
  13. Thanks! I just gave this a try and compared the pre-overclock/volt benchmark with post in 3DMark11 and it bumped me up ~900 points. 2322 vs. 3286 For what it's worth, I installed the 320.49 Nvidia driver just before doing both tests.
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