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  1. Based on the responses, it sounds like this is a problem with my computer. I have always on USB disabled in BIOS. I also use the shutdown option to turn the computer off, so unless there is something that has changed with the shutdown option that I don't know about the computer is off. Is this a known issue with this model?
  2. Can anyone at least confirm their computer doesn't do this so that I know if this is normal or abnormal for the model?
  3. I don't use my laptop daily and have noticed excessive battery drain between uses. For example, it was fully charged on Tuesday and when booted it today (Sunday) 5 days later the battery was down to 66%. I understand that the battery will drain some, but that seems like a lot for 5 days. It is Windows 8.1 so I have followed instructions on how to disable the Fast boot to make sure it does a full shutdown. Not sure if there is a way to verify that. Has anybody else experienced this? Do I need to get serviced under warranty? What else should I look at that might be draining battery when off?
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