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  1. Hello Guys, I bought a new Intel AC7260 card and I changed it. Now, the BT is working. Cheers
  2. Sometimes I can see the Bluetooth in the device manager for a few second or minutes but I can't use it...
  3. Thank you! I am using the latest driver and the software but it didn't solve the problem. Maybe the Lenovo will publish a newer BIOS for the Y510P and it can handle the BT module with the latest driver.
  4. Yes, I have to changed the BIOS with "whitelist option" and it can boot with the new WIFI card. BUT I can't use the Bluetooth module (within the card). The notebook or the Win7 can not recognize it. And I am looking the good solution to use the BT without to change the AC7260 card. Maybe a newer BIOS will solve my problem?
  5. I am using a modified BIOS and I can install the WIFI and the Bluetooth driver/software. The WIFI is working properly but the BT is not. I can connect to my AC access point with 866Mb/s. But the Win7 couldn't recognize the USB device after every startup. I think the unknow device is the BT. I tried to install the BT driver manually but it was failed. Any idea? - - - Updated - - - Yes, thanks. I am using a modified BIOS and I can use the WIFI card BUT the BT module is not working. I have installed the WIFI and the BT driver/software from Intel.com. I can connect to my AC access point with 866Mb/s. BUT the Win7 send me a message after every startup that it couldn't recignize the USB device. I think the Unknown USB Device is the BT module. I couldn't see the Intel BT device in the device manager. Any idea?
  6. Hi, I changed my original wlan card in my Y510P notebook to an Intel AC7260 card. The WIFI is working well BUT the Win7 couldn't install the bluetooth driver. It couldn't recognize the bluetooth modul. Does anyone have idea to solve this problem?
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