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  1. I did it in dos mode. I don't remember the error. it said something like that the he couldn't check the current bios or it was not compatible. I had the .51X and wanted to try with the .30P again. I will try to remember what I did. First I wrote (with the afudos included in the 30p zip) afudos E1762IMS.30P /p /b /n /k and it said he couldn't detect any compatible system. With the same afudos that I uploaded the .51X and using AFUDOS.exe E1762IMS.30P /p /b /n /k /r it started but after a bios reading it said it couldn't write the bios because it was not compatible or it cannot check something or something similar. Svet in msi forum told me 5 min ago is not possible to go back to the .3XX bios if I have flashed with the .51X. Then that's it. Now with the .51X the system doesn't have problems except the turbo mode off that I have to unlock with the throttlestop (bd-prochot off).
  2. Some overclocking with MSI Afterburner to 850mhz without touching voltage and throttlestop bd-prochot off 3dmark11 7665 points with the 3610QM. I have read that the .51X is not fully compatible with the MS-1672 motherboard, which motherboard is this bios prepared for?. It is a shame that the bd-prochot was not selected in the .30P bios and selected in the .51X. Then it is always necessary to run throttlestop to disable it.
  3. Hey,

    I read that you have problems with your gtx 780m ... did you need help anymore? But i have a GT70 too and probably i can help you :)

    Best regards!

  4. Yes, I have the battery installed but the battery didn't fix my fps loss. Throttlestop fixed it. But as I said with the .30P bios the throttlestop was not necessary. The EC Firmware? or the SCM? turbo mode worked and my fps in batman arkham city were high. After the .51X flashing the fps felt down. As you read first I thought it was my windows 8.1 installation, after the reinstall in uefi mode I was having the same problems. Doing a lot of tests to find the problem. Checking the physx settings, reinstalling etc. The fps were near 37-40 but not stable with highest 60 fps and fallings to very low 10-15fps. It was not working like before the bios flashing. After disabling BD-prochot I recovered all the fps in batman arkham city ultra settings, all dx11 active high and dx11 tress, physx high and FSAA high filter. It was the cpu that was not working with the .51X bios like it was working with the .30P
  5. I found it and testing da**!!!!!! does the .51X activate bd prochot that was not active in the .30P bios? only disabling it and without overclocking it returned to the fps I had with the .30P
  6. No, give me the links and I will try with throttlestop. But as I said before with the .30p worked a lot better.
  7. Hi After some tests I have this facts. I tried SCM for gt70-0nc from your link (not the gt70 2od) and it is the same. You said the turbo doesn't work. I push the button, I see the turbo icon in the screen but after 5 seconds it disconnects and I can see the turned off icon too. I wanted to see if it is a batman arkham city related problem and......perhaps it is, but I am sure the card worked a lot better with the .30P bios and win 7 ecm (with windows 8.1 installed). I installed 3dmark 11 demo from steam, enough to make some tests. the system is between 7085 points and 6800-6900, then perhaps it is not working underperformance. But as I said I remember my batman arkham city with all ultra, gpu physx high and only FSAA high (not MSAA or harder filters), vsync off, with 60-70 media fps and 111 high. Now it can't go up 60-65 high, around 40 med and 10-20 fps low. Perhaps it is gpu physx that doesn't work as good as with the .30p bios because if I disconnect physx returns to 70 fps and 100 high fps
  8. I installed the upper scm in the gt70-0nc support webpage. http://download.msi.com/uti_exe/scm_10.013.06287.zip But,why my 780m runs like a 670m-660m? I have lost a lot of Power. No battery boost? It is not problem of temperatures or frequencies. I have checked them to see that the 780M is near 850mhz or more and temp less than 65º. Cpu has good temperatures too. With the .30P bios, stock vbios and the 780M I got 111 max fps and 70 media in batman arkham city all ultra, physx high and only fsaa high (not a more stress filter). now my 780M works like a 670M with the .51X bios, or is it not that? I don't know what to do to make the vga card work as normally did.
  9. After reinstalling windows 8.1 in uefi mode no luck.turbo does not activate. Is problem of the scm software? Which version must I install?
  10. I flashed my backup stock vbios to the 780M. I don't want to have problems again. If I try to make a little overclock to the 780M I think it is safer to do it editing the stock rom with little changes with the Svet's editor or the Techinferno editor. Is it safer to upload the stock vbios with little changes? I supose it is If you say the T24 is the last ECM firmware I think the best to do is reinstall Windows 8.1 in uefi mode as you said. Because now if I select UEFI mode in the bios the system doesn't boot to the win 8.1 raid, it returns to the bios after a reset. And about the impossibility of flashing again the laptop bios, is this blocked by the .51X? it was strange to me because I couldn't do a downgrade to the .30P bios that worked perfect with the stock 780M vbios and the windows 7 ECM firmware. cheers. Jesús
  11. After the flashing with the x51 I have some problems. Boot, Windows 8.1 in the raid system and all seems to work fine BUT.... I did a test with Batman Arkham City and with the same configuration as before I had all the problems I got 30-40fps less than with the .30P bios. Also I tried to flash again the .30P bios to test and in dos mode the program doesn't let me downgrade the bios version. Is this some kind of problem? Must I reinstall windows 8.1 because the .51x bios and the legacy option change some configuration and make the system go less powerful? I think that the power boost/hybrid boost is not working now. any idea? Now I am not with the laptop. I will check if the battery is not fit in place but if it could be something else please tell me. As I said the games don't play as fast as before..... This is my card http://www.cityofdreamsweb.com/670M/IMAG0014.jpg
  12. It is suposed to be an MSI card. It cames with the 93kb rom that was in TechPowerUp vbios database. I know it because I did the vbios backup and it was 93kb, the same as the msi one in techpowerup. then, if I want to modify voltage, clocks, etc, must I use one editor like the one in techinferno or the one from svet? Because I have seen that the custom is not recognized by nvidia drivers.
  13. thanks a lot . The 51x in legacy raid mode worked and let me boot to make changes with the 780M pci enabled. The custom bios of techpowerup for the 780M is NOT COMPATIBLE with MSI. Not recognized with nvidia drivers. But because I reflashed my 780 rom backup all was back to normal. I think I will try vbios editors to make small changes to the vbios and not custom roms.
  14. thank you so much. hope to run my 780M again. I though I have broken the vbios but the process was perfect and I didn't know where was the problem.
  15. I flashed with the 30P bios because it was compatible with the 780M. It worked until I flashed the vbios with the techinferno 780 OC vbios. Then I cannot enter the bios and the computer freezes. I don't have access to the boot or the bios. It only boots if I pick up the 780M out of the laptop. - - - Updated - - - and the ECM must be flashed to the 51X version too? In this rar the ECM is version T24 (not 51X). I don't know if it is for backlight keyboard computers.....
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