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  1. Nice job. I've seen your FS results on website and found that you are using gskill 2133 memory. Do the sticks really work as 2133? I have succeeded OCing memory upto 2000 on m17x R4 using corsair sticks but not higher.
  2. Hello, can I test your mod bios for m17x R4. I'd be very glad to be a tester. Thank you,
  3. Oh Did you have throttle with the newest driver before? when using UEFI ? The reason of throttle might have been UEFI, as you've mentioned, or maybe driver? When you have time, you can try legacy + old driver (that you've experienced throttle).
  4. Thanks alot buddy. Oh i need one for myself.. for my m17x R4
  5. Can you try to remove your AC power from the back of your laptop and after 10 sec put it again. And then see what happen, see if there is still no throttle. I am asking you because the throttle did not always happened but after this kind of power drain, it started to happen.
  6. Wow very good news here. If the throttle was due to UEFI, it really makes sense. @82280zx Have you tried tests after several power drain too?
  7. Thank god, the seller helped me get it fixed. I thought I sent you the email, but it came back saying "it contains possible risk virus.... blah" Thanks alot for your concern.
  8. I sent you mail attached with the XMG bios. Thanks.
  9. after flahsing xmg bios, it just bricked. cmos reset doens't work. keyboard light comes out yes.
  10. @Prema In case of p750dm brick, what can I do? I tried to use xmg bios which just bricked my p750dm. It doesn't post. Can you please help me? Thanks..
  11. Hi @Prema, are you planning to release p7xxDM-G mod bios? Stock sucks
  12. 359.12 also randomly throttle on my m17x R4 (win10). (cold boot or power drain) Only 352.84 works perfect even on cold boot or after power drain.
  13. @J95 Thanks alot again for your efforts. Power drain makes m17x R4 and m18x R2 to throttle using 980m EXCEPT with 352.84 driver. Only 352.84 driver works perfect. Do you have any other thought about this?
  14. No you are the only one. @j95 and I have mentioned the problem a few years ago already. No one has solved it. There is no way to unlock the true "TDP lock" in m17x R4. That's why it is very important to use "good" CPU in m17x R4. The max TDP it can handle is 68w.
  15. I am in dgpu mode. I never use optimus nor iGPU. Installing driver is easy. I just did it as I did with win7. edited... Oh I read your posts. Why are you even bothering to use optimus which is the most "failed" technology in gaming notebooks. What's the use of it for ''17 notebook. It wont even boost your battery life.
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