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  1. Who would do that? Dont tell me its you... If this is the case, I will underdo trans, give you a kiss, then switch back. You are no longer the customer they are looking for. The new gen dumb phone kids are the mainstream. They dont read about specs, they dont care, somehow they are holding much more budget than I do when I was at their age. On top of that, THEY CARE ABOUT THE LOOKS ONLY! My proof is: Linus whatever. Alienware in the end is looking for profits, modable bios would result in lot of RMA. Ps Im surprised there are not many returns on BGA shit gaming retarded laptops.
  2. Oh sorry for that, so the msi version works! wow Can you please link me to a result page?
  3. Guys, This is possibly outdated, but there is someone claiming to make 1070 mxm card. https://world.taobao.com/item/538798980253.htm?spm=a312a.7700714.0.0.ss9yOS#detail
  4. The new AW (2016+) is a complete shit, no body can deny it. the problem with desktop is it is not an option for those who travel long distances or need portable machines for work. I believe they cant last long on BGA gaming machine, the reason is cpu,gpu die will eventually be disconnected from the board due to thermal fatigue. In other words, the frequent temp change on solder balls will eventually break them and then the laptop would be bricked eventually. Such behavior can be observed in ps3,xbox 360, ps4. BGA gaming laptops will never last if the devices are operating in 70-80C
  5. Its look like you are extra pissed off lately, I bought AW 18 on April 2015, Im pretty much in the same. Anyways, what is your recommendation on the current situation? I can sell the laptop for a good price (2000$ if Im lucky). I do currently have a haswell desktop with a decent asus motherboard in it. Should I wait for a custom built 1080 GTX MXM card? OR simply switch to the desktop route. I sincerely love my Alienware, both internally and externally. Regards.
  6. My computer was bricked once, I had to reattach the CPU.
  7. its game related if its happening to "The Witcher 3" only. I would try to use "Display Driver Uninstaller" and then clean install Nvidia drivers again. If that doesnt work, use S17 GTX880m vbios, its working great on my computer.
  8. Thats not possible for the current time being, the new Pascal cards are not standard MXM 3.0b slot.
  9. Ok, this sounds extremely stupid but I figured out whats going on here. I notcied that the exhaust air of my 880m gpus are actually hotter than my cpu; for example, if both my cpu and gpu are running @ 80C, the exhaust fan of the gpu is hotter. This means that the heat is no longer traped inside and actually is being transferred to the air. Also, the gpu sink is noticeably hotter than the cpu sink! My conclusion is that for some stupuid reason, the sink is not making a good contact to the die! meaning I must find a good "thick" type paste, or somehow minimize this gab. Please help guys currently im running my stupid machine at 4.2Ghz @ 1.215v Max temp is 90-92 under cpu stress loads. - - - Updated - - -
  10. Bought an Alienware 18 recently for a good price, I always get lucky with GPU silicon lottery, but insanely unlucky with CPUs generally speaking. I managed to run my stupid 4940mx 4.2Ghz @ 1.21v. I would like you guys to comment on my results and confirm whether my chip is an absolute garbage or actually providing reasonable overclocking capabilities. Anyways, here is my XTU settings, and my core temp throughout the run. Thanks you. upload jpg imagehost
  11. I do have a 4940mx CPU, and its a total garbage, extreme edition of mobile CPU is usually a miss. Panther is not an ergonomic laptop, but for sure its the best performance "laptop" out there. Also, 980m is really damn good, its actually not far away from the desktop ver. performance wise. At last, DONT GET 880m GTX, NVIDIA's BIGGEST SCAM! Off Topic: Why techinfero is not notifying me when a thread I contributed to got updated with new posts?
  12. Cool Laboratory Liquid Ultra is the best TIM I have ever used for the following reasons. 1- Easy to apply and most importantly CLEANING it. 2- Gives the best thermal performance, 1-2 C below IC Diamond. And for the cons, here is few things that come to my mind: 1- Relatively expensive. 2- Its electrically conductive. Can actually short a circuit if a single tiny drop spilled on a circuit, Here is a true story, yesterday I was applying it on my Alienware 18, a tiny bit of it dropped on a CPU resistor. My alienware refused to post, and when I called dell technical support, they told me to send it and its most likely a mobo failure. 3- Can cause corrosion on aluminum heat sinks. 4- The tim is reflective, which gives the illusion that the paste is covering the die. Hint: a brush is usually included in the package, when you are using it to spread the tim, try to brush the paste towards the center. When it later on spreads due to heat, the center of the chip is mostly covered. I have used IC Diamond, its one of the best performance wise. However, its super hard to clean and usually leave a die and a heat sink with scratches! I wont recommend IC diamond. Artic Silver 5 is actually a trimmed down ver. of Cool Laboratory Ultra. Recommend it for non-overclockers. I hope you find my post useful.
  13. They are experimenting with external GPU, they failed apparently and I do believe new Alienware 18 is coming back next year.
  14. All laptop screens are replaceable. You have 30 days guarantee or something provided by origin. I was about to Purchase an origin PC to be frank, but when I found about the panther, I quickly changed my mind. If you are looking for resell value, then aim for alienware. If you are looking for a good performance laptop that you plan to use for 3 years at max, then get an asus ROG. My asus is still working and my family is using it as a workstation despite all my experiments on it. If you plan to use a laptop for 5 years + with great value and upgradability then Clevo clones are not a bad choice at all. If you are looking for the ultimate laptop performance, get panther, period. - - - Updated - - - Also, check dinoPc there are Gigabyte clones as well.
  15. Are you connecting power cord? If no, please connect it while gaming. Also, get a logging tool, MSI Afterburn for example and make a log. I reckon you used a wrong command to flash your second GPU.
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