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    What it's like in NY now. Emergency vehicles driving through rivers of water. The crane is near my building. My friend's car in upper Brooklyn. Flooded MTA subway in Jersey. Another pic of cars in lower Manhattan. Still no power south of 30th.
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    So after gathering different ingredients i did my first "experimental cooling mod" for the M14x R2. The idea was to use this awesome formfactor powerful toy at full performance without disturbing fan noise, too high temperatures and extreme wear off effects. My first idea was to repaste it with better thermal paste since alot of people did this with great success. i used MX4 before and now in this mod IC Diamond for both CPU and GPU. Then i did a PCH cooling mod you can find details about in my thread : http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware-m14x/1874-my-m14x-r2-pch-cooling-mod.html The next step was to cut alot of fitting peaces of 2mm thick 1 w/mk adhesive thermal pads for all voltage converters / chips on the upper mainboard side since heat dissipates upwards and there are alot more surfaces on the upper side of the board (not the GPU / CPU side). Since overclocking also raises temps of these chips and converters + the fact that wear off due to heat is a big issue in all electronic components i thought this wont be a bad idea. After this i cut pieces of 0,5mm thick Phobya 7 w/mk thermal pads for the CPU and GPU so the heat can dissipate also horizontal and reaches more surface of the heatspreader downside. I also added 1 layer for the PCH as an addition for the PCH cooling mod. Then i tried to stick as much copper heatsinks as possible on the heatpipe / heatsink to add more surface as a passive cooling addition. However success was not too great due to the highly compressed vertical design and i ended up only sticking 2 of my bought 16 copper pieces on the heatsink. It wasnt possible to reassemble the chassis with more than these 2 pieces attached to the heatsink or pipes. So i used bigger parts of the 2 mm 1 w/mk thermal pads on top of the CPU end of the heatpipe since it can be pressed to 1/2 of its size. The most trickiest part was the many small thermal pads on chip / converters thingy since you have to be very patient with all the tiny pieces that stick to everything but not the surface you wanted it on. The result of my mod is very good. Now i can use my M14x R2 with Turbo on without the horrible hair dryer mode and no 80 C + temps no matter if i do OC or not. GPU stays at max 62 C in stress tests / 59 C while gaming. CPU never reaches 80 C anymore and stays in the mid 70´s C. The only downside is that the temps do climb down slower now but i think this is a small tradeoff for the fact that i can use Turbo all the time now without noise and heat problems anymore. Plus the fact that my system can survive much more years as with temps of 80 C +. Here is the step by step with result comparison. 1. Preparations and Ingredients 2. Disassembly 3. PCH mod addition before 4. Thermal Pads 1 w/mk 2mm thick upper mainboard voltage converters and chips part 1 closeups: 5. GPU thermal pad 7 w/mk mod + GPU layer mod + IC Diamond Repaste before: 6. CPU + Heatsink mod thermal pads 1 w/mk + 7 w/mk + copper heatsinks (note the upper piece marked in red doesnt fit!!!! check pics and dont try this at home!!!) (Here is a pic just to make sure where you can see which heatsink doesnt fit!) (also note that the liquid metal you can see on the CPU was removed before reassembly and exchanged with IC Diamond) Result comparisons: temps before this mod using Turbo + max OC + PCH cooling mod part 1 temps after this mod using Turbo + max OC + PCH cooling mod part 2 The 9900 rpm fanspeed is a bug i dont know why but the max fanspeed was 4200 rpm at 74 C but mostly it was max at 3800 rpm which is very quiet compared to before 5400 rpm hairdryer mode. Before my first repaste and without this mod it even reached 89 C and the fan hit 5800 rpm which was extreme disturbing. So i can say this mod was very successful in addition to a simply repaste and my PCH cooling mod. Im looking forward to use my M14x now for years without the need to open it again. Pros +lower temps and noise even when extreme OCing +better longlivity Contra -temps go down slower but not very significant I hope my results help you to figure your own awesome mod out that helps you with your system to achieve max performance gains by a DIY way. edit: as always this is my way to contribute for all the helpful work of svl7, mw86, StamatisX and all the productive, competent and helpful users in this forum.
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    Hi, Can anyone please post a step-by-step on how to mod an inf file for the GTX 660M on M15x. The reason being I once found a thread on how to add the value to the inf and it was very easy and informative. I recently upgraded to Win8 and the driver stopped working so I'm looking for a way to get it to work again. This is my Hardware ID: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0FD4&SUBSYS_02A21028&REV_A1 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0FD4&SUBSYS_02A21028 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0FD4&CC_030000 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0FD4&CC_0300 If anyone got the same configuration to work on Win8 then please give me some details on how to do it UPDATE: My M15x is now working normal with Windows 8, it is safe to upgrade guys. All you need to do is upgrade to Windows 8 then disable the driver signature check: From the Metro Start Screen, open Settings (move your mouse to the bottom-right-corner of the screen and wait for the pop-out bar to appear, then click the Gear icon). Click ‘Change PC Settings’ which is down at the bottom of the right pop-out menu Click ‘General’. Scroll down, and click ‘Restart now’ under ‘Advanced startup’. Wait a bit. Click ‘Troubleshoot’. Click ‘Advanced Options’ Click ‘Windows Startup Settings’ Click Restart. After it restarts then just follow the instructions on how to disable the driver enforcement Now manually reinstall the graphic driver using the "clean install" option and you should be good to go gaming on Windwos 8
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    Good to hear that! Thank you Tech Inferno Fan and to all eGPU community!
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    @deadbydawn nice pics lol. Welcome back, haven't seen you in a while.
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    thinking about it, i will probably just swap the mainboard with my old one before i sell it! best way to keep my nicely oc'able 650m anyways
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    Very interesting. I didn't expect this to mess anything up. Might be a bug in the Insyde firmware. Can't really believe that this is intended... anyway, great to know. So if it doesn't flash one should first try to go to the bios and load the default settings.
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    Yea, Its an R1, and i tried running that, get the same 3 errors. x_X Ile keep trying things, but any suggestions are welcome. - - - Updated - - - Ooops, Fixed it XD Was a newby mistake, had HT disabled in the unlocked bios, guess the bios updater didnt take kindly to that x_X Thanks for the help though guys, much apreciated.
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    Here is some of what I can do... I think gt overclocking needs an unlocked bios...Not sure. Would have to check.
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    You can try this Klick , self tested.
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    Im pretty sure the refresh rate for most 3d capable notebooks are no more than 120hz.
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    mww86, Michael, StamastiX & svl7- Thanks for the warm welcome everybody! This type of "welcome" coming from you "highly respected guys" makes feel quite at home. Can't wait to start hitting the threads that will help me on my current M17xR2 build. It was initially supposed to be a somewhat long-term plan it terms of doing the upgrades, but I guess I was bitten by the "upgrade bug", as I've deviated from my plan and somewhat sped things up. LOL! I guess this is what sometimes happens.
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    Pictures: Flashing Process: BIOS Options: Resetting CMOS Battery & Clearing the BIOS:
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