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  • NVIDIA GTX 1070/1080 for Notebooks Coming Soon


    So according to PC Gamer, they have a "source" who tells them NVIDIA will be readying it's newest Pascal chips for the mobile form factor and they will be released sometime in August/September of this year.  In addition, the rumor is these new GPUs will not be cut down M variants but be full-fledged desktop GPUs crammed into high performance notebooks (e.g. MSI and Clevo) but just clocked lower to fit the TDP and power envelope. That shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone since NVIDIA crammed a 165W desktop 980 in notebooks last year and with GTX 1070 only sipping 150W and GTX 1080 at 180W, it makes sense to release these as soon as possible.



    According to our contacts, Nvidia is readying the release of its new 10-series chips for notebooks. The kick is, they won't be M versions of desktop GPUs. They will be the same chips used on the desktops, just operating at a lower TDP—we're told there will be the same number of shader units, etc.


    We're also told that Nvidia will not go back to producing separate M versions of its desktop GPUs, which is good news for those looking for better gaming performance on the road or in a desktop replacement type notebook. 


    Despite what PC Gamer says, we may yet still see M variants with different names down the line as there are a lot of gamers out there that still want high performance chips but with thinner profiles and longer battery lives but that will probably come sometime after the 1080/1070 are released for notebooks. In addition, we've still got AMD's newest Polaris coming and with the 480 only consuming 150W, AMD could easily shoehorn that into a notebook just as NVIDIA is doing so we expect both companies to announce availability of their newest notebook graphics chips soon. 



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    I expect them to really do what they've always done. The 680m was a desktop 670, with lower clocks and tdp. The 780m was a desktop 680/770, again with lower clocks and tdp.


    They could just release the 1070 with lower clocks and tdp, but just call it a 1070 instead of a 1080m. The 1080 will likely be an exclusive larger than standard mxm card like the 980 is now.


    My main concern with this approach is that the 980 came in many size formats. If this trend continues we may lose the standard mxm form factor and the means to upgrade gpus in high end laptops, with everything being bga in the "m" realm, and everything non-m not conforming to a standard.

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    hope the new 16nm give them the ability to make it work with all the horsepower as the desktop version

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    16 hours ago, j0ak0 said:

    hope the new 16nm give them the ability to make it work with all the horsepower as the desktop version


    It will be the full chip but with lower clocks.

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    4 hours ago, hackerboy said:

    My wallet is ready! I wish it could be on sale soon.


    I figure any sales would be closer to March next year or maybe as early as October this year all depending on when they announce a Ti or Titan variation.

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    Here is something interesting to look at regarding the new Eurocom Sky X9E2. 
    (No, I don't have one myself and I don't have access to any more information.)


    Heaven Benchmark: High Quality / Tessellation Disabled



    Heaven Benchmark: Ultra Quality / Tessellation Extreme

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    So, 1000 series will be compatible with current notebooks?

    I hope that I'll be able to put single 1080 into my P870DM (980M version). Or at least dual 1070's (but i don't like multi-gpu after all). 

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    5 hours ago, knight said:

    So, 1000 series will be compatible with current notebooks?

    I hope that I'll be able to put single 1080 into my P870DM (980M version). Or at least dual 1070's (but i don't like multi-gpu after all). 

    Don't do anything yet. There is no proof for us to examine. It sucks that the P870DM-G has been perma-gimped with proprietary 1080 GPU form factors. 1070 SLI isn't good enough. If I cannot have 1080 SLI I am not going to upgrade at all, and there is no way in hell I am going to buy a new machine to get it. I'll just keep what I have until I can replace it with monster desktop hardware. I'm not paying for another new machine only to find out if it gets perma-gimped on the next generation like what has just happened to existing machine owners. I'm extremely dissatisfied with how things are turning out. It was very dishonest of Clevo to pull this crap. They could have released 1080 on the 180W 980 PCB, but they chose to render the P870DM-G obsolete. That's a really horrible thing they did to their customers that spend the most to own the best. 

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    Personally I don't feel "betrayed" coz lack of two 1080's since P870DM "1" had also max 1 desktop GPU. I know it limits but if we would not be able to put single 1080... That would be an outrage. At least for notebook from this top-high-end segment. 

    Single 1080 - should be possible!

    Dual 1070 and Single 1070 - should be possible!

    Dual 1080 - would be awesome to see that. But as far as we know our MXM slots are too close each other (1-2cm too much) and we have only 1 power connector. :(


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    To me not being able to have 1080 SLI is an outrage and totally unacceptable. One of the primary reason I wanted the P870DM-G was to be able to upgrade to two of the current best GPUs in SLI and I expect to be able to do that for no less than three years.


    I simply don't give a damn about 1070 or any other second fiddle GPU. I want the best or nothing. So, I and others that share my values are screwed. Clevo pulled an Alienware on us.

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    Hmm you're right.

    But anyway nvidia just changed gpu name strategy.

    1070 = old 80M

    1080 = old 80 desktop

    1060 = old 70M

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    Anyone heard rumors about Clevo, that they plannig to releas upgrade kits on September/October? Maybe not everything lost yet about 1060/1070/1080 upgrades?

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    There is still chance for them to do something. We have only time :P

    They will provide GPU upgrades or loose customers. It's their choice to pick "old, current Nissan GTR" or pick up "new one" for our money. 

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    4 hours ago, Sh1nRa358 said:

    I see them being sold at rjech. Will they work with p570wm?

    No, as far as we know, no Pascal GPUs are incompatible with any pre-Pascal notebook. NVIDIA, MSI and Clevo have bent over backwards making physical hardware and dimensional changes to ensure we are all royally screwed. MSI pulled the same evil bullshit on their customers.



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      Windows "Adapter settings", reports version "B". It's 2019, diversity is a must.

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      Now, let's use some seriously legit tools and check-in exported BIOS file in `nvflash`:

      Here we have two three interesting findings:
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      Loading the same file in "Kepler BIOS tweaker" confirms the facts:

      EDID settings, courtesy of NVidia Control Panel. Hex dump can be found at the bottom of this post.
      ...Shall I be worried about "60.02Hz" refresh rate?
      To summarize:
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