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Trying to install an M4000M on my M6600

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Hi all,


I have an M6600 that I bought a few months ago and have almost maxed it using whatever parts I had on hand. And around the same time, I didn’t do much research and purchased a DELL Quadro M4000M that I had installed recently as I discovered the heat sink that came with my M6600 fits the M4000M just fine.


Initially, I had a FirePro M8900, which started crapping out a week ago, which is what inspired me to do this swap since the M4000M just sat in my bag for the longest time. 

However, since installing the M4000M, I can no longer boot into Windows 10 as it gets stuck on the Windows logo, and I cannot boot into the installer for that or for Windows 7, which promptly crashes after loading files with HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED. 

Linux in the other hand gets stuck with a tiny resolution of 800x600, and attempting to use the GPU to drive the display (using prime-select on distros like Linux Mint or Ubuntu) causes me to get stuck in the tty session until I reset prime-select back to intel. 

Is there anything I can do? Or am I stuck with Kepler based cards as the maximum? And additionally, what’s the most powerful card I can put in this thing if I can’t use this M4000M?




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