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  3. The title says it all, I can't decide on which one to go for. My question is: Is there other differences besides having a different cooler and design? I hear a lot about PCB Reference, binned and things along those lines but I know close to nothing about the specs of a graphics card. I just look at the raw performance of a GPU. I know for a fact that there are some 'lower-tier' variants of the GPUs that won't overclock that much and I was wondering if that's the case with the INNO3D RTX 2080S Twin X2 OC. There are close to non-existent reviews about this graphics card for some reason. Thanks!
  4. Hello dude. Can you help me with unlock BIOS? BIOS BACKUP https://www.sendspace.com/file/9l0fxp Thank you!
  5. Hi Klem, thanks for your hard work Would you mind doing one for me please? link below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1012_hH0LFGuT4ChhVeDIctQD0ArBwEnA
  6. I'm looking for some ways to improve my general ability of positioning, movement, and just having a good sense of what's going on around me. I have decent aim. I shoot a 135-140 in 6 tile jumbo frenzy consistently (Kovaaks) which puts me at 3500 out of about 30,000. I shoot around 1:08 to 1:10 on the Aim Botz challenge in CS:GO consistently (Watch the vid on youtube of Shroud doing it in 1 minute). The difference is I do it from further back, usually the box. That being said, I'm just getting outplayed by people online because they're better at getting the drop on me or out strategizing me once the fight has begun. And if I get third partied, forget it
  7. Hi! Unlocked bios does not help with refresh rate 48Hz. This problem it's hardware Lenovo design for this laptop model with 4K (3840 x 2160 pixel) Display.
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  9. Hi, can you unlock my bios so I can use the 60hz instead of the 48hz ? https://www.sendspace.com/file/503b0y
  10. Hi, nice to be here and have a request. All menus and options unlocked pleaseeeee. Thanks! http://www.mediafire.com/file/sqndhy11dmosppm/results.rar/file
  11. Bios mod working great, thanks Klem. Nice to control brightness on my x240 1080p screen!
  12. Hi Klem I've got 2 x W540 and 1 x W541 for repair but all 3 have BIOS password. Before I get a programmer to dump the roms, would you please advise if you can remove the passwords? Cheers!
  13. Bos Maior

    Y510p Ultrabay Graphics card

    My (K)Ubuntu system detects the GPUs on my Y510p just fine, yet I haven't found a way to switch between the two dedicated GPUs (built-in and egpu). I have therefore disabled the built-in NVIDIA card (755m) in the BIOS, which allows me to activate the egpu (AMD Vega56) for specific applications by using the command DRI_PRIME=1.
  14. zoe7281

    Customer Complaints

    Probably you should pay attention to social media analytics services that can help to find the flaws and possibilities and establish a quality level of your promotional campaigns. Here's more on that topic http://promorepublic.com/en/blog/social-media-analytics-tools-will-actually-show-truth/
  15. How to solve Brother Printer offline on Mac? When you try to print from your Brother printer, you suddenly get an office error message. This offline error bothers you to print any document. This is a very complicated technical error for you. When you receive an offline error message, the Brother Printer Support team is ready to help you with a quick solution. Printer experts are technically trained to solve your brother printer offline error. Here are some technical steps to fix Brother printer offline problems on Mac computers. Method 1 - Make sure the Brother printer is on and there is no problem If the screen of the printing machine or LCD is blank, there is a possibility that the Brother printer is not on. Make sure the printing device and observe if it comes out of sleep mode. Nevertheless, if the device is in sleep mode, ensure that the cable is connected to a working outlet and the power button is on. Ensure the printing machine display screen for any error message. Their errors may be paper jamming or ink blanks. If a problem appears on the screen, troubleshoot it to resolve the issue. Method 2 - Ensure that the Brother printer is the default printer No one can print until the printing machine is set as the default printer. Therefore, check when setting the device as the default printer. If it is not installed as the default printer, then you need to set it as the default printer. Click on the Apply button. Click on the System Preferences option. Go to print option and apply fax or print command and scanner. Choose Brother Printer from the default printer's drop menu. Method 3 - Remove All Printer Jobs Go to the Apple menu. Choose System Preferences. Click Scan and Print. Choose your printing machine. Click "Open Print Queue". Select and remove the printer job. Method 4- Update Brother printer driver regularly Brother printer drivers need to be updated regularly to keep the printer running well. Updating the driver can solve all driver problems with the printing machine. This will boost system performance. You can either download the driver update manually or you can use any driver update tool to download the driver update. Visit the official website of Brother Printer. Type your Brother device model number. Click on the search button. Then, browse through your printing machine. Click "Download". In the Downloading dialog box, select Mac. A quick click on your Mac OS version. Click on the "Search" button. You will need to go to the Drivers dialog box. Click on the printer driver option. Click on the blue option, "Download if you agree with EULA". Wait until the download process is over. Go to the default downloading location. Double click on the downloaded file to open it. Finally, you should follow the on-screen steps and install the driver on the computer system. After all the above steps, you can fix the Brother printer offline error. However, if you are repeatedly experiencing this error, you can immediately seek full help from certified printer experts.
  16. Brother printer support learn to fix brother printer error 48 Brother printers are widely known for their amazing features and excellent printing service. But, still it is a machine, so we face some errors with this printer. Among the list of errors, error 48 is what bothers us the most. Brother printer error 48usually crops up due to faulty print head cable and circuit board. According to Brother Printer Support experts, the encoder strip in the printer needs to be cleaned properly using a free cloth. When the encoder strip closes there can be many problems that may arise when using a Brother printer. The error message "Unable to print 48" comes on display due to one of the following reasons: Debris such as paper clips or ripped pieces is put into the machine. Or mechanical breakdown Now, let's look at the steps to troubleshoot Brother Printer Error. 48. Follow these steps in the given order for quick resolution: Use the "repair tool" First, download the repair tool again from the trusted link. Save this file to the desktop so that you can easily access the file. Navigation process When the download is complete, just look at your downloaded file and tap or double-click on it. Now, it will start the installation process. After that in the User Account Control section, it will ask you whether you want to run the program or not. Just click on the Yes button to continue. Launching the program On the initial launch of the installation of this program, it will display a welcome screen. Allow the repair tool to initiate an automatic scan by leaving the checkbox un-ticked. After that, click on the install button to launch the installation process. Download required updates The Remeasure Repair Tool will now be automatically installed on the computer. After that, it will start downloading all the necessary updates on its own, based on the available internet connection. After following the above steps, you will be able to solve Brother Printer Error 48. However, if error 48 still persists and you get a Brother Printer offline error message, then you need to seek help from an expert. At Brother printer support, these are available at all times to resolve customer queries.
  17. How to download Canon PIXMA MP638 Driver Canon PIXMA MP638 Driver Series Download | Are you looking for Canon PIXMA MP638 Driver Series downloads and software? This is the answer to your problem: Canon printer drivers and software provide the following details; Canon MP638 printer driver, canon support for Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / XP / Windows 10 / Windows 32 bit / Windows 64 bit / MacOS / Mac and Linux. Canon PIXMA MP638 Driver Download for Mac | The PIXMA MP638 High-Performance AIO Picture Printer supports the ChromaLife 100+ image system, which can store photos up to 300 years of album life. The PIXMA MP638 features 1pl ink bead with Canon's SMALL PRINT head and 9600 x 2400 dpi expert picture print resolution, integrated into a multi-card slot that features PDF or JPEG data with a direct scan to memory card or USB drive and is available for picture selection. There is also a 2.5 picture color LCD. Direct printing, this excellent picture lab delivers prints with top quality. It also offers top-quality printing, PictBridge direct printing, SD card direct printing, photo reprint, DVD / CD print and also copy / wireless printing as well as multi-function copying at an affordable rate. 4800 x 9600 dpi optical resolution CIS scanner for definitely superb image top quality. PIXMA MP638 Built-In Easy-Scroll Wheel - A groundbreaking user interface created by Canon to simplify the various functions of an AIO printer and is enjoyable for anyone. Opening a finger around the wheel can openly manage all tasks. The PIXMA MP638 is definitely your all-in-one option in your home as well as in the small workplace. For any kind of help, please visit our Canon printer support number tomorrow. The PIXMA MP638 also features a brand-new "Vehicle Image Repair" feature, outfitted with a visual classification system that can instantly identify the type of picture and 5 shooting modes such as portrait, landscape, nighttime. May embrace optimal correction, portrait (scene) and picture (night view). The enhanced photo-fixing system further enhances the capabilities of image information analysis, as well as fine-tuning specific photo issues such as direct or direct exposure to color, color distortion, and shadow cast variance. It then returns the initial photographs in the most natural and excellent form. In addition, the amazing "Auto Picture Repair" feature additionally features the Red-Eye Improvement feature and many other custom-made picture adjustment tools such as sharpness, illumination as well as, in comparison, to make picture editing easier and enhance treatment For, fast fixed revs. An incredible photo to get great quality with just a few clicks. And to get rid of your trouble, take help from our Canon printer support. Software for Canon PIXMA MP638 Driver Series Downloads, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista Canon PIXMA MP638 Series MP Driver (Windows 10, 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP / 2000) How to download Canon PIXMA MP638 Driver Series from Computer PC and Remove Software? Open the control panel Then go to the TAB program Search programs and features Find the installed drivers in the software list on your computer operating system. More Info: http://bit.ly/30OMtA5 or Contact us: +1-855-560-0666
  18. Canon PIXMA MX330 Printer Driver Series with Canon Support Canon PIXMA MX330 Printer Driver Series Download | Are you looking for Canon PIXMA MX330 printer driver series download and software? This is the answer to your problem: Canon printer drivers and software provide the following details; Canon MX330 printer driver, Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / XP / Windows 10 / Windows 32 bit / Windows 64 bit / MacOS / Mac and Canon support for Linux. Search for free Canon PIXMA MX330 Driver Software Series for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The control board is located in the sloping front of the ADF range, with a small, colorful LCD show that presents a lot of details on the machine. It is believed to have a graphic LCD display. It is strange that there are no equivalent memory card ports, so you can preview pictures before printing, although it does have a PictBridge outlet, which is a walk-up print for USB drives. The center is twice as large. Canon argues that the MX series is for local business and, if you want image features, you get between PIXMA MP collection machines. The left side of the primary LCD display has three large switches for copy, fax, and scan, while on the right, the collection of buttons also includes food selection navigation, fax number pads and others for taking black or color, as well as a job cancellation. to do. The control functions well together and at the same time, the manufacturer is simple and rational to use. You can get help from our Canon printer support phone number for any help related to the Canon PIXMA MX330 Printer Driver Series. Canon PIXMA MX330 Printer Driver Series Download, Software for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista MX330 Series MP Driver Ver. 1.02 (Windows 10 x64 / 8.1 x64 / 8 x64 / 7 x64 / Vista64) Canon PIXMA MX330 Printer Driver Series How to download and install? Here the tutorial is installed and the Canon printer driver is installed: Click on URL download. Wait for the download to finish. Browse downloaded drivers and software on your computer PC. Click on the drivers twice, and then click Finish until installation. Do not forget to connect the USB cable during installation Try printing a document or photo. How to download Canon PIXMA MX330 Printer Driver Series from Computer PC and Remove Software? Open the control panel Then go to the TAB program Search programs and features Find the installed drivers in the software list on your computer operating system. More Info: https://bit.ly/2G4CNti or Contact us: +1-855-560-0666
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    Care2 Technology

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  20. care2technology

    Resolve Outlook Password Recovery/Reset Issue

    The outlook is the most used web-based email client in the world. It aims to solve sending, receiving, emails, contacts, and other services issues and make it easier. Not only that, it provides many features that you might not get in many other paid subscriptions. But the problem arises for you when you forget Outlook password, this can be a real problem if you have something of importance stored in your email. This can be a real nightmare especially if you are using this as your official work account, you won’t have the access to the meetings and important stuff saved on your account. You need to recover the password to get out of trouble, if you don’t know how to recover your email password then you can contact the good folks at Microsoft helpline phone number and they’ll be able to provide you with exact details. But, Microsoft helpline number team have prepared a solution for your Outlook account to reset or recover the password. Related Posts: Most Effective method to Insert a Written Signature into a Word Document Steps to Recover Outlook Password Outlook uses the default Microsoft account which is located on live.com, so in order to recover the password, Microsoft helpline phone number have to recover the microsoft live password. Microsoft uses one single account for all their services. Here are the steps to recover the password for outlook. Go to live.com and then click on the Sign In button. Then you have to enter your email ID and click on ‘Next’ button. Then you’ll see a link to Forgot my password link located just below the password field. Then you have to enter your email ID and then click on the Next button. You’ll receive the verification code associated with a live account on your phone number or alternate email address. Enter the verification code in the given box and click on the Next button. Now, you’ll be asked to make a new password for your account and you have to enter the new password twice and confirm it. Then you need to click on the ‘Next’ button and save the changes made to the live database. Now, you can log in to your Outlook or live account with the new password you just created. By this method, you should be able to recover your Outlook password very easily, but in case you haven’t been able to recover your Outlook password then you have to contact the Microsoft helpline phone number. The friendly people at Microsoft helpline number team are ready to help and support all kinds of problems faced by the users. And Microsoft helpline number are available to support all your Outlook and Microsoft related problem 24*7. Microsoft Helpline Phone Number Experts Are Highly Experienced For Solve Issues The outlook is an email client which includes task manager, calendar, note-taking, web-browsing, journal, and contact manager. Often it is being used as the emails handling platform. All your email IDs are managed at Outlook. If any trouble occurs with this application, you may take the Microsoft helpline number by making a call on Microsoft helpline phone number. The Microsoft helpline is one best option to choose as the experts available at this service will surely help you out to get rid of the Outlook related problems with the help of Microsoft helpline phone number +1-800-201-4243. More info: https://drzafarsaifi.com/microsoft-helpline-phone-number/ & Contact us: +1-800-201-4243
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    Reinstalling Microsoft Office Program Issue

    Individuals regularly grumble about Microsoft programs after establishment. Furthermore, there are numerous issues that are identified with the Microsoft office and particularly in the wake of redesigning your windows to the most recent form. Individuals are confronting this issue all the time and there was definitely not a pragmatic answer for this. Microsoft customer service phone number team are attempting to give a broad answer for this issue with the assistance from the Microsoft customer service number specialists of the Microsoft office. However, on the off chance that your concern isn't tackled by this then you should contact the Microsoft customer service phone number. Here is a rundown of errors happen while you are attempting to open Office application like Outlook or Word Word experienced a blunder while opening a record Your document can't be opened with this application as the record you're attempting to open is tainted The application isn't beginning, it solidifies on the begin window PowerPoint isn't working These are a few errors which happen when you are attempting to reinstall the Office program. Indeed, you can fathom these blunders by refreshing your Office to the most recent variant. The recently refreshed meanings of the Office will improve the productivity of all office programs. More: Common Office 365 Installation Errors To Update the Office Open the workplace application and snap on the File area Presently, click on the record segment and afterward under 'Alternatives' click on the 'Update currently' catch At that point, adhere to the on-screen directions of the update Wizard to refresh the application Refreshing the projects can fix the most issues identified with office programs. Be that as it may, on the off chance that your issue isn't fixed with this, at that point you can contact the Microsoft customer service number and get the assistance from the experts. When you are attempting to reinstall a program you may get mistakes like these Windows installer administration isn't beginning Windows installer administration is down To fix the windows installer administration you may need to investigate it with inherent troubleshooter in Windows 10. You simply need to go to the Update and security alternative and select the troubleshooter. The troubleshooter will filter the issues with the framework records and attempt to fix them direct. After you've effectively run the troubleshooter then your issues of reinstalling projects will be dispensed with. Be that as it may, there are times when your issues probably won't be settled even in the wake of investigating. In those occasions you need to contact the Microsoft customer service phone number and get the expert from the tech officials. Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number Team Solve Your all Problems in a Few Seconds This segment of the article comprises of the data in regards to regular investigating tips which you can easily perform without anyone else denied of the assistance of Microsoft customer service number administration. Be that as it may, if at any point, you face any issue and feel the need of Microsoft customer service phone number administration, at that point legitimately approach the Microsoft customer service number. The expert present at Microsoft customer service team will direct you all through the issue. In case you're scanning for these Microsoft customer service +1-855-999-4811, at that point you should visit the official site. Be that as it may, Microsoft customer service team encourage you to peruse this given data first before attempting Microsoft customer service team. More info: http://800helpnumbers.com/microsoft-customer-service-phone-number/ & Contact us:+1-855-999-4811
  22. Windows is an astonishing working framework which gives you a chance to work faultlessly on your preferred projects. At the point when dealing with the projects you may experience issues like debased framework documents. These sorts of mistakes are brought about by the breakdown or something to that affect. You may have suddenly shut down the window or a program. To understand these sorts of mistakes you have to peruse this article or you can contact Microsoft tech support phone number and get the ideal assistance. In the event that you locate that a few capacities are not working appropriately in the windows then you should utilize the system file checker instrument to examine the windows for ruined records and reestablish them. Note: Challenges With Microsoft Office 365 Run System File Checker Pursue these means to run the framework record checker for finding the undermined documents. In the first place, you have to open a direction brief in chairman mode (simply look for order brief from the begin menu right snap on it and select Run as executive) You have to half-pint the DISM device before running the SFC apparatus. Type in the direction brief DISM.exe/Online/Cleanup-picture/Restorehealth This direction gets the documents to fix the debasement. Presently, when DISM is done enter the accompanying on the direction brief. Sfc/scannow This order will filter every single secured record of the framework and supplant the adulterated documents with a reserved duplicate of that record that is situated in the packed envelope. Hold up until the procedure is 100% finished and after that restart your PC. Presently, this should fix all the defiled records in the framework however on the off chance that despite everything you experience such issues, at that point we recommend you contact Microsoft tech support phone number and get the ideal assistance. Dial Microsoft Tech Support Phone Number | Get Instant Help The Microsoft tech support number holds the record for giving the brisk arrangement and most number of fulfilled clients. Our Microsoft tech support principle witticism is to give our Microsoft tech support customer's appropriate snappy help whenever. Microsoft tech support number group is constantly accessible for your assistance. You can contact our Microsoft tech support number group from any edge of the world we will be accessible with Microsoft tech support number best administrations. You can dial our Microsoft tech support number, drop an email at our bolster email address or have a live visit with our Microsoft tech support phone number one of the live client care administrators. Connect generally advantageous support and help. More info: http://800support-number.com/microsoft-tech-support/ & Contact us: +1-855-999-4811
  23. Canon Printers are the most impressive printing devices that offer different printing features at a sensible expense. Regardless, specific glitches are typical with each particular device. As such, your Canon printer errors is in like manner no uncommon case to that. It is most likely aggravating to go over the unexpected misstep messages in the midst of your basic work. In such way, our Canon printer helpline phone number team has offered some possible causes and convincing responses for fix Canon printer error code 5800. In order to determine the issue, you need to know the focal point of the issue first. Along these lines, encountering this article may empower you to understand and resolve your printing issue better. There are various situations where customers can't resolve Canon printer error and issues. To Fix Canon printer error 5800 is a champion among the most disturbing and testing assignments for customers, and need authorities help. The error code 5800 strategies the waste ink counter reset (yellow and orange light, bursting then again a couple times). Gathering printers usually require re-setter to restore the setting to the fundamental. Standard printer must be reset consequent to finishing a huge amount of print development. If the Canon printer's should be reset, usually depicted by squinting orange and green then again, and on the screen will show up mix-up code 5800. Thusly, if you have experienced a comparative issue, by then you should seek after the underneath offered advances or responses for fix the issue. You can secure thorough assistance with specialized help masters at dialing Canon printer helpline phone number. Solutions to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5800 Solution 1:- Replace the Waste Ink Absorber You can seek after the methods underneath to reset the goof code, anyway to handle the issue forever, it will best to displace the waste ink shield. Stap 1:- Press the "Power" Button With the Canon Printer controlled off yet connected with a power source. Press the "Power" get while crushing furthermore, holding the "Stop/Reset" get. Stap 2:- Press the "Stop/Reset" Button Right when the Power is lit, press the "Stop/Reset" get on different occasions While crushing and holding the "Power" get. Stap 3:- Move Into a Service Mode While releasing the "Power" get and the "Stop/Reset" Button (paying little regard to mastermind), the printer will move into an organization mode. (Keeping things under control for menu assurance) Stap 4:- Press "Stop/Reset" Button Exactly when the on/off lights in green, press the "Stop/Reset" get the predefined number of time(s) as shown by the limit recorded in the table underneath. (Each time the "Stop/Reset" get is crushed, the LED lights on the other hand in orange and green, starting with orange.) More Related: Fix Canon Printer Error Code E225 The amount of the Reset find pressing LED Function Remarks 0 time Green Power off 1 time Orange Service configuration print multiple times Green EEPROM print multiple times Orange EEPROM reset multiple times Green Waste ink counter reset Stap 5:- Turn On Canon Printer Mood killer the printer. (It must be mood killer) by then turn it on yet again. By and by check the Canon printer error code 5800 is settled. If not, by then go to straightaway game plan. Canon Printer Helpline Phone Number Team Help You in Your Every Issues In any case, ensure that your versatile has enough memory and RAM to help Canon printer helpline phone number work honestly. Your versatile should meet the essentials that are basic for Canon Printer to work effectively. Guarantee that you revive Canon Printer application ordinarily Canon printer helpline number +1-855-560-0666 . In that limit you will be educated at whatever point revives are available and you ought to invigorate the application. Furthermore, the application should match up with your item on the PC. In case this does not resolve your worry contact Canon printer helpline number and they will outfit you with the best courses of action so you can use Canon helpline number the application viably and in an issue free Canon helpline phone number way. More info: http://canonprintercustomercare.com/canon-printer-helpline-number/ & Contact us:+1-855-560-0666
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