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Dell/AW GTX 770M on MS 16F32


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MS-16F2 != MS-16F3 :) The MS-16F3 runs normaly with all Kepler GPU, the MS-16F2 only with the GTX770M MSI or Clevo Version.

GTX970M MSI or Clevo version also works in 16F2 :)

But if you flash dell 770m with msi/clevo vbios, you will brick the card. I can confirm as I've bricked two cards already.

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Good news. FYI DELL GTX 770M can run on ms-16f2 or ms-1761. You just need to flash full dump of MSI GTX770M via programmator(idk how it's exactly called in english) or flashed on Alienware nb prior installing in MSI. Tested and works by two russian users on MSI forum.

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