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  1. mx90

    Dell M2200 Vbios Unlocking

    Also, I do have the Maxwell II Bios editor if that will help at all. I can see that I can change values there, though I'm not entirely sure which should be adjusted.
  2. mx90

    Dell M2200 Vbios Unlocking

    Thanks, here it is! GM206.rom
  3. Hello, I've got a Dell Precision M4700 with a 3940xm. I've read that in this particular CPU and laptop model, the bios is locked because the stock settings are considered an overclock. As-is, the core temps on the CPU do reach up to 90-100. They seem to spike up and down a bit when benchmarked with Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility, but they certainly do reach over 90C. Is there no way to unlock this bios (version a18, though a19 is released - I haven't updated yet, should I?) and even if there were, would my only option be a heatsink mod on top of that? edit: I've mistakenly posted this under Desktop & General Hardware, perhaps a mod could move or delete the thread? Apologies!
  4. Hello, I've got a Quadro M2200 (GPU: GM206GL-A Revision A1, and MxM 3.0a Maxwell card) with the following bios: I've read that this card is very similar to the GTX 965m, but that it has been underclocked considerably. It seems to be a good candidate for unlocking since I hardly see the temperature exceed 70C as-is. I'm requesting help with this - I'm not sure if it's possible to simply flash the vbios from a Dell GTX 965m (MxM 3.0a) or if some type of edit of the card's current vbios would do the trick. I'm hoping someone could help me out with the specifics of doing such an edit if that's the case. Thanks!
  5. I finally managed to get Joe Dirt's nvflash mod to work in Linux (Ubuntu), but this was the result: I believe this is because the tool was made for Geforce cards, not Quadros. I did contact Joe Dirt on the overclocking forum it was posted to about this, but he hasn't been seen there since last month - might be awhile before he can reply! In the meantime, I did start another thread about this here incase anyone is interested: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/m4700-gpu-upgrade.826477/
  6. I'm attempting to flash this using a USB device to boot another OS, but I'm not having much luck yet. I'll keep trying, but if anyone has any ideas then please do share
  7. I'll keep this possibility in mind. What do you suppose is causing the Joe Dirt versions of NVFlash to not detect the GPU?
  8. I'm wondering, are these crashes due to my OS? I'm using Windows 7 x64
  9. This version gives me the following error after two beeps: ERROR: No NVIDIA display adapters found
  10. Unfortunately, this yields the same result.
  11. I tried with a few versions of nvflash, but it seems like this one got the furthest: https://www.techpowerup.com/download/nvidia-nvflash-with-board-id-mismatch-disabled/ Here's the screenshot of when it froze. Is there another version or command that someone would recommend? The command I used was: --index=0 -6 GM206.ROM I've tried some of the commands with -f and -4 -5 -6, but they send an invalid command flag.
  12. Hi, I'm working on a GPU upgrade I haven't seen yet (M2200 into a Precision M4700) and thought this would be a good place to share my experience and learn from other users. I've seen and used guides from here in the past, so I'm glad to be able to contribute in some way! I have a thread up in another subforum here, check it out if you believe you have anything to share on the subject.
  13. I would suggest a laptop with a 144hz refresh rate if you're serious about this and plan on purchasing a new one.
  14. Small update here.. I attempted to flash the card with its own vbios (using the file that came from backing up what was currently on it). This was the result:
  15. I'd like to add a message I received from the seller since I posted this. "These cards are pulled from HP ZBook 17 or 15 G4 Notebook.We know for fact VBios is part HP Bios.Drivers you can try this drivers from HP:https://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp90001-90500/sp90105.exeIf you do not have HP system just simply unzip itThanks" That link he sent me seems to be an HP bios file.. I don't think that helps me any! I took a look at the HP Graphics driver for that model, though, and saw lots of entries for Device ID 1436 but none for 1430. Should I try using the Section###'s listed in the HP .inf in my Dell .inf?
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