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  1. I own a GT72 2QE (Haswell) and have installed a MSI GTX1060 6GB. Previously, a GTX980M 4GB G-Sync was installed, which also ran perfectly with G-sync. The GTX1060 has no G-sync activated, although it is sold in the actual devices (MSI GT62VR, Eurocom Tornado 5, Hyperbook 16L1) synonymous with G-sync with the same card. A seller of Eurocom say, I need only another vBIOS, but this does not give it to me. Theoretically, I could also take the vBIOS of the GT62VR 6RD, but I'm not so sure. i will not brick the card Can anyone confirm that I can activate by other vBIOS the G-sync function? In the old Maxwell series there were different device IDs. In the GTX1060, however, this is not the case ... as far as I know.
  2. iTzZent

    MSI Nvidia 980m issues on a MSI GT60

    A GT60 with G-Sync was never released, because G-Sync can not work with Optimus Devices.
  3. iTzZent

    MSI GT60 ONC upgrade to GTX 770m Failed??

    here you have: http://www119.zippyshare.com/v/7Wt009V7/file.html you need also the vBIOS from the MSI GTX880M. do you have the 4 or 8GB Version ?
  4. iTzZent

    [vBIOS - MODS] MSI - Prema Mod™

    However, the both vBIOS versions are only for the Non-Gsync graphics cards... Unfortunately, G-Sync cards pose problems with the GT60 / GT70, I speak there from experiences, because I use a Clevo GTX980M 8 GB G-Sync in my GT70 and get there no MSI vBIOS scuffle... Optimus does not function and the card is also not recognised by the system, is also functioned thus no Steelseries engine.
  5. iTzZent

    [vBIOS - MODS] MSI - Prema Mod™

    thats wrong... he can flash this one, than he don´t need modified drivers. i´ve used also a Clevo GTX970M 6GB with this vBIOS from Prema in a GT70 (MS-1763)
  6. iTzZent

    [vBIOS - MODS] MSI - Prema Mod™

    no one ?
  7. iTzZent

    [vBIOS - MODS] MSI - Prema Mod™

    Would it be a problem that to provide 4GB version also? Below the saved VBIOS from GTX980M 4GB. GM204.rom
  8. iTzZent

    [vBIOS - MODS] MSI - Prema Mod™

    is this vBIOS also for the GTX980M 4GB ? This Version comes with the MSI MS-1763 (GT70 Barebone) in a Medion Erazer X7835.
  9. iTzZent

    gx660r doesn't work with gtx870m

    Alternatively, I would recommend the MSI version of the GTX770M that you get with some luck for the 220-250Euro as it is quite rare. The would be compatible to 100% Plug & Play. I might as possibly even get this version. If interested, I would take care of it.
  10. iTzZent

    gx660r doesn't work with gtx870m

    This is the MSI Version from the GTX870M (MS-1W0C1 near the GPU). I think, the MS-16F1 is incompatible to the GTX870M. As I said, I did not get to run in an MS-16F1.
  11. iTzZent

    gx660r doesn't work with gtx870m

    Please make a Picture from the Card. From where you get the Card ? But you do not make great hopes, I have also been tested a MSI Version of the GTX870M in a Medion Erazer X6811 (same barebone as your device), without success...
  12. iTzZent

    MSI 16f2 with GTX970m?

    here you can get the heatsink http://www.ebay.de/itm/like/New-MSI-MEDION-Heat-Sink-nVidia-GTX980-GTX970-E31-0406584-Y31/272227790636?hlpht=true&ops=true&viphx=1&_trksid=p2050601.c100103.m2451&_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D35360%26meid%3Dabf3a391503541c79ba6a64cb5757b5c%26pid%3D100103%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D4%26sd%3D272227790636%26clkid%3D5477373462763800927&_qi=RTM2266075
  13. iTzZent

    Gt780dx gtx770m upgrade

    thats right, the Clevo and the MSI Version will be work with the MS-1761/MS-16F2. Try to flash the MSI vBIOS (maybe in another device) https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/141748/MSI.GTX770M.3072.130324.rom
  14. iTzZent

    Prema Mod BIOS GPU OC Edition for MSI GE-Series

    @Klem What do you need and what do you want for the Mod ? Maybe you can mod my GT70 MS-1763 51D Bios also
  15. iTzZent

    Prema Mod BIOS GPU OC Edition for MSI GE-Series

    Hi Klem, it´s possible to unlock the Bios for the GE60 (Haswell) Series with Maxwell GPU´s ? i ask for a friend, he has a GE60 2PE Apache Pro. Many Thx

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