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LoL vs Dota


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I prefer LOL to be honest, although after all the patches I missed while I was taking a hiatus makes me a little scare to try it again lol. I do find myself playing Hots, but mainly because its a very simplified moba and I dont have to think much

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I would go with HoN over DotA, and everything over LoL
Items are 2 simple in LoL, for something like that, I prefer Smite, which is more skill based.
Now, when comparing HoN and DotA, they are both awesome! The only diference is that HoN is a little more fast paced than DotA and gives you a little bit more liberty with the strategies, you need to use the environment wisely much more, detail is better, etc. Although, DotA got character customization, an active community that design new content all the time, and players ain't a bunch of haters like every single moba out there.

I'd say DotA 2 is probably the best MOBA out there if you guys can't decide :emmersed:

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