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  1. Hi there, I have recently bought a Clevo P650SG which comes with a GTX980M 4GB DDR5 GPU and I’m pretty happy with it but I’m concerned with the GPU performance. I’ve been testing this against a Gigabyte P35W-V4 that I also have which has a GTX970M with 6GB DDR5 ram. Both have 8gb of ram and an i7-5700. Using 3DMark I was able to achieve a score of 9800 with the Clevo laptop, and 8100 with the Gigabyte. There is a reasonable difference here, however in games the performance is negligible. Playing the Witcher 3 on ultra I got about a 2-3 FPS difference when I was expecting a little more. In Ark: Survival Evolved (I’m aware it’s not been optimised fully) on ultra I am still only getting about 20 FPS, the same as I got with the 970M. This is the most disappointing as it’s unplayable using the 970M and was hoping the 980M would solve it. Virtually identical FPS in Batman: Arkham Knight. I understand the 970M is a decent card but I was expecting to see a reasonable GPU boost with the 980M. So far I’ve not really seen that apart from on 3DMark. So the question is is my GTX980M getting throttled? How would I be able to find this out? Also, my GPU is running about 80-82 C while playing games. That seems quite hot, could this be affecting performance? However this temperature is no different from the Gigabyte that seems to be matching the Clevo's peformance. Cheers
  2. I know a lot of people have said it but Ark: Survival Evolved is possibly one of my favourite games of all time. Every time I go into the game I find something new. The devs are constantly updating it with awesome things. I just recently discovered that you can put one of the smaller dinosaurs that fly's on your shoulder to help you attack. Just amazing. I would recommend however finding a few friends and playing amongst yourselves on your own server as the official servers arent as enjoyable to play on. There's lots of people who can grief your stuff while you're offline.
  3. When I bought my last laptop I added in arctic mx-4 extreme thermal paste which certainly did the trick. I overclocked the laptop and it managed to stay impressively cool. I bought some myself again to top it up recently and it's worked brilliantly. Would definitely recommend this and it's probably the best thermal paste I've used.
  4. Do I think video games companies hate PC gamers? No. Do I think they'd rather develop console games? Yes. There's lots of reasons for this but money is the primary one. Simply put there's more console gamers out there which is why developers aim to release console versions first and generally put more effort into them as well. It's been this way for the last 10 years now I'd say so its certainly not a new thing. To be honest I think it's better now than it has been the last 10 years. Most games have a PC version these days whereas that wasn't the case even 5 years ago.
  5. Hi there, I have recently bought a P650SG with a. I7-5700hq and gt980m and when gaming the fans instantly go to full speed and become a bit unbearable. The temperatures arent too hot so I tried to use hotkey to turn them down but this didn't work. So I have two questions: 1) Will the prema bios mod give me more control over fans and allow me to turn them down? Both GPU and CPU? 2) I've found the bios drivers but it says don't install on broadwell CPU's. As the i7-5700 HQ is a broadwell processor does that mean I can't install the prema bios mod anyway? Thanks Kesteral
  6. Martian was excellent, thoroughly recommend.
  7. Kesteral

    LoL vs Dota

    I can't stand the userbase for LOL. Not helpful, rude and just a bit pathetic. So DOTA all the way.
  8. I7 5700 Geforce 980M 8 GB DDR3 250 Samsung SSD New laptop!
  9. WOW but really shouldn't be. I just have no time to find anything else so stick with WOW.
  10. When it becomes affordable I think I'll get it. Hope I don't end up feeling sick using it though.
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