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  1. Having spanish as my first language and looking at this crap, I don't know if killing you for such a fake or thanking you for the good laugh I got out of this crap is the right choice to proceed xD He is saying so many stupid shit that it's simply hilarious!
  2. Not really. Will work perfectly, but having 2 grounds and 2 12v is a better idea to avoid low power output from the PSU.
  3. @andhie133128 The card might consume 60, but you need 25 for the PCIe, Also, using 2 power supplies tend to cause interference. You should try moding a cable. There is a really useful thread on how to do an adapter to use the PSU you mentioned. Btw, don't get desperate, there are a lot of drivers that you can actually try. I had to try at least 8 or so, if I recall correctly, before one fixed the issue. Try monitoring with the after burner all the parameters and you might know exactly what the issue is. Just run the kombustor until it crashes. (Voltage load, CPU usage, CPU temp, GPU usage, GPU temp, etc...) Finally, if you have a friend with a desktop, try it there or do a small testing partition to test drive the little fellow as a last resource without wiping your system (which I did after the first 3 drivers attempts ). If the GPU is faulty, don't worry, Zotac has a good customer support service. Sorry for late response, but just got out of work. Hope that any of this helped.
  4. @davidexD It shouldn't be the raisers. I gotta ask: Are the fans spinning when you connect the card? Is your system recognizing the card? TBH, I'm pretty much out of ideas until you can test it on a desk top. Also, if you can sent a few pics of the rig just to check it out and the error you are getting. I might be able to come up with something.
  5. @davidexD Do you have a friend with a desktop? If you do, Go ahead and test the GPU. If it's working correctly. then the issue is the PSU. Just in case, can you describe your whole rig? Laptop specs, PSU, GPU and confirm which enclosure you have? Hopefully it's not a bottle neck issue.
  6. @p3nzancef1ier No man, I just used the board and made a custom case for it. Before that, I cat the inner part for it to fit and discarded the rest of it. Looked awful, but it was functional for such a huge card. The card wouldn't fit at all inside the akitio. Like seriously, no way in hell. About temp issues, none at all and I live in the Caribbean, so you can imagine. MSI did a great job, it never exceeded 60 C.
  7. @p3nzancef1ier Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. 75 min is a little intensive on the video card to be honest. Where you monitoring temps? I used to have that same issue on my desktop when rendering with my old zotac and it was due to over heating. If that's the case, just clean it out. 90% of the issues with hardware get solved with a good old clean up! Well at least that's on my experience. Btw, don't worry about asking, that's a community for! Always, post the solutions on the thread for the next guy
  8. @p3nzancef1ier I mean, I'm using optimus perfectly with my 960 and those drivers, but the dGPU is disabled in my case. If you are trying to use the dGPU, iGPU and eGPU all together. I don't know a work around. Intel HD graphic will work with optimus with any drivers compatible with your eGPU to be honest. Since it uses it for the dGPU as well. BTW, are you using drivers for the 750 or for the 750m chip? Cause that might cause a problem do to power distribution being 2 "low". Also, if you will reinstall drivers, make sure to use the tool Nvidia provides for the clean up and erase the Nvidia folder with previous installations afterwards before downloading. That way you will be 100% that you are installing the ones you wanted.
  9. @p3nzancef1ier Sorry for taking ages for me to answer, been really occupied lately. Yeah, that will work, a lop of laptop power supplies are over 200w and most gpus + pcie expansions use just about that. All you need to do is cut it and solder the adapters correctly for it to properly work. I used my desktop PSU since i simply made my eGPU project as a hobby luxury, but the one you mentioned is the most used one in the forum as far as I can tell. The moding is pretty simple to be honest, and if I'm not mistaken, the plug it comes with, perfectly fits the akitio box. @davidexD where you able to find a proper solution? If the issue continues, can you specify your rig? It might be a bottle neck issue (really doubt it since the issue started a while ago for you). Also, did you tested more drivers? for GTX 960 353.06 drivers proved to be the more eGPU stable ones. for your 750, I think it should be the ones released a few days after those. If you need help when it arrives, I will gladly assist you with any doubt you have. Although, I'd prefer for this thread to be as clean as possible. So if try mentioning me in a more adequate thread or create a new one if you find an issue that haven't been mentioned yet. The community is full of raw gems
  10. @davidexD Not even once after downgrading the Drivers. @p3nzancef1ier Do you have anotherpower supply you could test the GPU with? It seems to be a power issue. 120w is bassically in the limits of what's acceptable for the 750ti. -Are the crashes occurring all the time or only during heavy load? If this is true, use the kombustor and monitor the power usage on the after burner as you do so. That way you can detect at which point this is triggering. In any case, downgrade to the GTA V game ready drivers, which seem to be pretty solid ones for the 750ti according to quite a few users. Also check the temp of the psu, if it's way to hot as @Dschijn mentions, it might be limiting the power output to protect your hardware from over voltage.
  11. @davidexD as @Dschijn said, Nvidia removed the 364.47 today do to a lot of issues reported by the users. I just hate Nvidia some times! http://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-driver-364-47-pulled,31370.html
  12. I simply wanna upgrade my bootcamp to win 10, and wanted to know if you guys found any issues when doing so. I just wanna do an upgrade instead of a clean install.
  13. @davidexD Seems like it, but i really don't understand how a driver sudenly started messing with my voltage/power.... was so mad that nearly started building the desktop for myself instead of doing it for my nephews....... But let's pretend this was the fix for the time being. As I said, will test it later on with a few games and benchmarks. Unfortunately I gotta go to my second job in a while.
  14. @Dschijn Looks like I fixed it! Tested all driver versions until one worked just fine. Plus dismounted and built my rig all over again just to make sure there where no connection issues. Driver version stable with it: 353.06 Will do more intensive testing later on, and modify thread to leave solution in the first post. Just in case some1 else is having a similar issue with a similar rig.
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