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  1. Been looking into it, trying to get the best bang for my buck with the best cooling results. Humming or loud droning doesn't really bother me, I have the fans running in my bathroom all the time and usually where headphones.
  2. I would kill to get into the beta. For those who have it, how would you compare it to other first persons? I'm mostly interested in the character balance, who stands out as pretty OP at the moment?
  3. I prefer LOL to be honest, although after all the patches I missed while I was taking a hiatus makes me a little scare to try it again lol. I do find myself playing Hots, but mainly because its a very simplified moba and I dont have to think much
  4. Johnny Foreigner - Salt, Peppa, and Spinderella great band been listening for 8 years and I never get sick of how beatifully messy their songs are arranged
  5. I honestly had no idea it was based on a book, I downloaded it off of steam but wasn't able to get it playing on my laptop. Now I kind of want to read it before playing lol
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