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  1. I think the link for unlock BIOS is not working. Anyone could you give me the program to do it? Thank you
  2. Hi, everyone I got Y400 from my friend and I would like to upgrade wireless card on. I bought Intel AC-7260 without knowing that Lenovo have whitelist on. Any suggest should I unlock BIOS or buy the new wireless card that don't need to unlock BIOS. If I need to buy new wireless card which one is the best right now. My BIOS version is 1.04. and I use window 10. Thank you
  3. LOL is easy to play I rather play LOL than DOTA However, I start to play DOTA before I change to play LOL
  4. CSGO that what I prefer
  5. Hi, everyone I'm still new here and would like to try unlock BIOS for my Lenovo Y400. First of all, I use window 10. and I don't have any idea to start with. I'm here because I want to change my old wireless card to intel AC-7260. What happen is it said unauthorized after I put intel wireless card in and need to put it back. any idea where I have to start first and any wireless card that is the same to intel AC7260 but I don't have to unlock BIOS. Thank you
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