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  1. I just installed a new wireless adapter and I am getting the 'Problelm with unauthorized wireless adapter card'. I have a Lenovo y400. Is there a way to flash the bios for this?
  2. Alot of these guys having problem how to fix the DOTA 2 low frames problem even the got an average or high end... will sometimes it can be solve by removing nvidia driver and some tweeks.. Solution No. 1 Look for new Updated Driver that suits for your unit. I prefer from Manufacturer site or Nvidia. Try to uninstall nvidia driver by going to Control Panel> Programs> Unsinstall> and look for nvidia driver.. restart the Unit Install the new Driver from Nvidia.. Restart and Finally run the Game.. Solution No.2 Disable the Vsync. - Vsync usually enable to limit the FRAMES of ones games... by 20, 30 and so on.. if you notice your frames running at stable 30fps, then you can disable the vsync. by the games option or from NVIDIA setting.. In dota 2. Launch the dota 2. goto option>Video Settings> and disable Vsync.. Solution no .3 Launch The Steam.exe . Right Click the dota 2 at steam, Properties and lunch Option. then ENter -nod3d9ex -i got sudden bumps from 30 to 50fps by doing this settings. How It will run Smooth This time.. best regards.. -Shin-
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