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  1. TV shows Vikings the best game of thrones its good =) Falling skies (its ended) =( Anime TV don't get me started!! Clannad and clannad After story!! Black Lagoon !! ftw!!! and il leave it there LOL
  2. Dota2 i prefer has alot of lore between all the charters from all over the place.. its fun working with a team of ppl =) 10/10 is out on a mod on dota thats fun to!! have fun GAMING!!
  3. i have the SLI one heat issue yeah kinder.... found 3 fixses to help heat... * thermal paste.. changed it... on mine was a little dot that was dried out he ultrabay... yey... not cool LOL also the 5y10p has a dust collector thing over the air vent(took it off)... and the other is found a note book cooler more air flow.. and ive tried it on a single gpu to its ok.. but sli gives like +30 more fps abouts.. a little lower with heating if not looked after... also the new bios updates u can change when the temps abit to when the fans kick in.
  4. ID say A ASUS G75 series OR a MSI Gaming Laptop.... (((((.PS WITH ALL LAPTOPS PLEASE USE A SURGE PROTECTOR )))!!!! i lost MY old g73jh and G74SX both at the same time...=(( was playing dota2 ... both of the power switcher chips blew up ..and started smoking =(( that both lasted 3-4 years and i used em and used well i got my moneys werth lol... but the hosue i was in has serge problems and my desktop was fien with a surge protector but not the laptop one..(switcher chip is the one where u plug it in it switches it to the AC power.. then take it out the chip switches to the battery ) ( i dont know how this happed to both of the laptops at the same time.. but.. it did =((( but i got a Lenovo y510p SLI now had it for almost 2-3 years im happy with it.(old now for laptops tho
  5. Hey guys i got SLI gt 680s ftw 4gb cards with full custom heat sinks and water cooling had em for ages.. just wondering would if be better to Bios to 770 for gpu 2.0? as i can only OC em to like 45mhx over then memery 515 witch is fine ODD thing is.... i can OC em more to like 75mhz over with 2 SLI bridges and tested it a few times...DONT knwo why,. but ifi use 1 it wont work with 75.. ? only 45 max temp is 55 deg that with vally bench mark going for liek 30 min,,..i get a decent score with out AA on with its alot lower Would any of you think it would be better to flash to GPU 2.0 to a 770?? of keep what i have??
  6. Just watched the ( national treasure series ) with Nicolas cage in it was really good and really thought out was a really good and all though each movie was good.. anyone who as not seen it id recommend it the movies are a bit old tho - - - Updated - - - was a good movie based on a true story!
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