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NVIDIA GTX 700 series - modified VBIOS


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Yeah, you seem to have a newer GTX 780 classified, they changed some things... you can use the mod attached in this post.

Please let me know if everything's working fine with it.

I have the SC ACX not classified, which version should I use?


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As I said yesterday, I tried today with nvidia inspector and the results are better. In sli I can reach (with 1,21v limitation) 1265. In single, I reach 1300 in one of the cards.

Here a firestrike in sli @ 1265 and +300 in memory:


Here a firestrike in single @ 1300 core and +300 memory (1,21v limitation):


Now waiting for an afterburner and a softmod that can unlock voltaje (at least until 1,30v) to go beyond...

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I got my 780 Lightning 2 Weeks ago, with HYNIX-Memory, stable with my Original LN2 BIOS up to +800 = 3.800 (just testing stability)

Maybe I also habe GPU-Stepping B1 - i dont know

Since 2 weeks i am looking for a solution to pass PT-Limit and overclock the GPU more than 1.212v

First problem:

My Lightning does not have the VDDC-NCP4206 voltage controller, so i cant overclock with the puplished Afterburner Tweak.

Afterburner says my voltage controler is vddc-CHL8266. Now I find a way with this settings in AB:



vddc_Generic_Detection = 0

vddc_CHL8266_Detection = 46h

It works, but strange: my digital multimeter shows ma 100mv more than I put in Afterburner - ok we will see, i am gonna testing

Also I am looking for a Mod vBios and found in www only one BIOS: Skyn3t in the 780s owners forum.

I tried Sky-LN2 BIOS and have following problems:

1. By flashing I got this from nvflash:

*** WARNING: Overriding the Board ID can be very dangerous. ***

Upgrading to an image with the wrong Board ID can render the video card


Overriding the Board ID is only needed for extreme circumstances.

A mismatched Board ID almost always means the wrong firmware image is being

used for the specific video card.

Are you sure you want to continue?

Type "YES" to confirm (all caps):

I closed my eyes an flash: ok, it works, but:

2. My Memory crashes at +300 = 3.302

3. Overclocking the GPU i habe very strong Vdrops, the voltage is varying from 1.040 to 1.450v, up an down spinning

This BIOS seems to be bad for my Lightning, i read the Sky-BIOS is build for Elpida Memory?


May I try your 780ti BIOS or one of the others 780-BIOS?

Best wishes from Germany

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