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  1. The card automatically lowers its clocks at idle! Read first page!
  2. @svl7 I have sent you a donate for the perfect vBios for my 780 Lightning, thank you very much. I also ike your Downsampling BIOS for GTX Titan; it works 2880x1620 with 120 Hz - very nice. May be its possible to get a DS-Bios for my Lightning? Origina 780L BIOS.zip
  3. Yes the card idle at original 2D voltage (0,875). Another interesting point: That's the same behavior Rbby258 AB Voltage Mod works with my card: If default voltage is 1.050v and I set 100 into the Rbby258 Tool I get 1.150v. If default voltage is 1.150 and I set 100 into the Tool I get 1.250v. That's an offset input - equal to the GPU offset input. Maybe it depends on the new B1 stepping my Lightning works with
  4. You are right that's what I said: Only using AB +100mv gives me 1.223v (around +100mv more than default voltage of the bios - AB - Monitor is not exactly) Example: - with default voltage = 1050v I get 1150v with +100mv setting in AB - with default voltage = 1150 and set +100mv in AB I get 1250v If I set first (before using AB) voltage in nvidia inspector AB gives me the voltage above! Example : - Set NI=1212v and after that in AB +50mv I get 1262v - Set NI=1212v and after that in AB +100mv I get 1,3v With every Bios Nvidia Inspector gives (max) 1.212v but AB gives (only) +100mv over the default voltage (without using NI before). So if default voltage is only 1.050v using (only) AB I can get no more than 1.150v (1.050v +100mv from AB) That's is realy mysterious AB
  5. With only +100mv in AB I just get 1.223v monitoring AB Beta 15 SE Workaround: When I first set in Nvidia-Inspector +287,5mv and then second in AB +100mv is the result 1,3v Is this the right way?
  6. Thanks one more, seems to be stable (not tested so much), but: - LN2 voltage with your LN2-Mod-Bios is - without changing anything - only 1.033v (=GPU-Z-Monitor = Mutimeter 1.046)) and with +162,5mv in nvidia-inspector only 1.188 (Multimeter 1.207), with +100mv in Afterburner-SE only 1.129 (Multimeter 1.145) - LN2 voltage with Original LN2-Bios is - without changing anything - 1.121 (Multimeter 1.162) and with +287,5mv in nvidia-inspector (NI offers here higher voltage input) also 1.188, but with +100mv in AB-SE voltage climbs up to 1.217 (Multimeter 1.257) ! So the Mod-Bios offers less voltage (with Afterburner-SE) - around -100mv Maybe its possible to modify the Bios once again to get more voltage? I wish a Bios without changing anything gets higher voltage than Original-Bios. The lightning is a beast and wants to be operate like a beast. I wish a Bios with Stock@ 1.212 so if i put +100mv into Afterburner I get 1,3v (without using Rbby-Tool) btw. Can i use your Titan-Downsampling-BIOS with the 780 Lightning! This BIOS is fantastic, offers 120Hz with 2880x1620
  7. Realy good Downsampling BIOS! I get 3840x2160 without changing anything (Extended Display Identification Data). For those who don t flash or dont want to flash the BIOS try these in "Timings" "Pixel": 2012 and 1096 - my two monitors works great
  8. Hi svl7 Whats about the 780 Lightning BIOS you got from me? Did you take a look?
  9. Can we get Mod-BIOS with boost enabled and everything like the Stock-BIOS - just 1.212 unlocked an Power Limit 450w?
  10. Thanks, you need my BIOS? Hier anhängen oder im request-thread?
  11. I got my 780 Lightning 2 Weeks ago, with HYNIX-Memory, stable with my Original LN2 BIOS up to +800 = 3.800 (just testing stability) Maybe I also habe GPU-Stepping B1 - i dont know Since 2 weeks i am looking for a solution to pass PT-Limit and overclock the GPU more than 1.212v First problem: My Lightning does not have the VDDC-NCP4206 voltage controller, so i cant overclock with the puplished Afterburner Tweak. Afterburner says my voltage controler is vddc-CHL8266. Now I find a way with this settings in AB: [settings] CaptureDefaults=0 vddc_Generic_Detection = 0 vddc_CHL8266_Detection = 46h It works, but strange: my digital multimeter shows ma 100mv more than I put in Afterburner - ok we will see, i am gonna testing Also I am looking for a Mod vBios and found in www only one BIOS: Skyn3t in the 780s owners forum. I tried Sky-LN2 BIOS and have following problems: 1. By flashing I got this from nvflash: *** WARNING: Overriding the Board ID can be very dangerous. *** Upgrading to an image with the wrong Board ID can render the video card unusable. Overriding the Board ID is only needed for extreme circumstances. A mismatched Board ID almost always means the wrong firmware image is being used for the specific video card. Are you sure you want to continue? Type "YES" to confirm (all caps): I closed my eyes an flash: ok, it works, but: 2. My Memory crashes at +300 = 3.302 3. Overclocking the GPU i habe very strong Vdrops, the voltage is varying from 1.040 to 1.450v, up an down spinning This BIOS seems to be bad for my Lightning, i read the Sky-BIOS is build for Elpida Memory? @svl7 May I try your 780ti BIOS or one of the others 780-BIOS? Best wishes from Germany
  12. OC with nvidia inspector is better than Afterburner? Why? I have never tried
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