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  1. Did not play for long with stock bios. As soon as I saw svl7 bios, I changed to it. I suppose stock bios could reach 1210-1240, depending on card asic/quality..
  2. A new firestrike with the newest whql 331.82 drivers from Nvidia. 780ti sli @ svl7 oc bios @ 1275 +300 memory (1,21v limitation):
  3. Hello again, svl7. I am noting that with your bios I get worse scores in benchs at stock settings. For instance, a firestrike in sli will throw 16700 instead of 17200 of the original bios...
  4. As I said yesterday, I tried today with nvidia inspector and the results are better. In sli I can reach (with 1,21v limitation) 1265. In single, I reach 1300 in one of the cards. Here a firestrike in sli @ 1265 and +300 in memory: Here a firestrike in single @ 1300 core and +300 memory (1,21v limitation): Now waiting for an afterburner and a softmod that can unlock voltaje (at least until 1,30v) to go beyond...
  5. Ok, I will try tomorrow and report too... Thanks for your help..
  6. Everything over 215 in core and 200 in memory will crash in firestrike...
  7. Read your private mail. You got a link with the gigabyte original bios... I flashed your mod in both of my cards. I am using the softmod 1.30 voltage unlock (the same way as in 780) with afterburner beta 16, but cannot pass +225 in the cores without artifacts... It is weird, I dont have a bad asic (both are over 75%)... Any ideas???
  8. I just received 2 780ti (Gigabyte) today... I will try the mod. Will nvflash work ok with 780ti??
  9. Hello svl7. There are some people complaining about coil whine using your mod in their gtx 780... Could you please make a new mod, using the evga 780 sc reference design (bios to see if solves that problem??? Could it be posible to upload nvflash 5.142 to a server (I cannot download it from the posted link because I am not an elite member)??? Thanks in advance..
  10. Nvflash biosname.rom -4 -5 -6. Before, I pushed protectoff..
  11. Hello. I flashed svl7 mod bios in my gigabyte gtx 780. I did not have any errors using nvflash (Windows versión). But now, when I try to save the bios with nvflash, I receive the message "error: pci block chain corrupted" I tried reflashing the original bios, but the message is still showing. The pc Works ok. Do I have to be worried??
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