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  1. On the stock 780 Ti bios I can easily get 1200/3800 stable but with this bios I can only get 1100/3600 :-/
  2. The 4770K is better but the 980x is still a good chip, Heres a benchmark table comparing the two. AnandTech | Bench - CPU As you can see the 4770K beats it in 95% of tests.
  3. There's a problem with that, You see the 780 and 780 Ti have different physical/technical specs - GTX 780 shader units = 2304, GTX 780 Ti Shader units = 2880 GTX 780 memory clock = 6008mhz, GTX 780 Ti memory clock = 7000mhz There is no way a 780 can stand up to a "TI" version as it is physically impossible, I know as I have both cards at my disposal plus many benchmarks online will prove this. If you want the best, Get a GTX 780 Ti, If you want the best bang for the buck, Get the standard 780.
  4. I tried Skyn3ts bios the day I got my 780 ti *Didn't know SVL7 had one out yet* and for some reason I could get better overclocks with the stock vbios than with his lol I'll try SVL7 vbios as I know his are always great
  5. You are correct yes, BUT the 780 Ti is better than both.
  6. Well I did it, Works perfectly, Overclocked to 1202/3402, Game and benchmark/stress test stable According to GPU-Z both my 780's are "A1" revisions, Both are flashed with your VBios and both work perfectly
  7. When i go to flash my EVGA 780 it comes up with the following in the command prompt - And then - Whats my next step as when i flashed my other 2 x 780's this didn't come up or not that I can remember.
  8. According to a gent on another forum I frequent he has this information about Skyn3ts VBios
  9. Anyone tried the VBios from the OCUK forums ? If so how does it compare to this ? How to over volt a Titan or a reference 780 guide - Overclockers UK Forums
  10. I'd just like the option of having it, On the previous REV2 bios I could underclock and undervolt and even play some games in this "Underclocked" state which in turn lowered power usage and heat output, Now with this REV3 bios I dont have that ability anymore and I cannot find the last bios I used which I preferred
  11. Hey SLV7 is there any chance you could modify your "OC Edition REV3" to allow for lower clocks as I like to have an "underclock" mode for when I'm just watching movies etc... and currently the voltage is fine as it lets me go down to 0.937 but the memory does not allow underclocking OR could we do this ourselves via the kepler bios tweaker tool ?
  12. In the latest V03 you cant underclock or undervolt all the way, Thats the only difference that I noticed.
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