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  1. SVL7 Some hope for 9xx series Maxell users on the horizon ? Edit: NVM just succeeded to flash my 980 with NVWinFlash_5.196 Now what we need is flashabale BIOS with higher limits and removed Boost....
  2. SVL7 thank m8 again for the great support and your fabulous BIOS for 780Ti..here's what my bad OC 71 asic card can do with it :
  3. There's nothing special, also checked, but only a Standard VGA driver is shown and no hardware ID's
  4. Thanks will try though , what issues to expect my biggest concern right now is fan speed with all non-ref BIOS it's lower. With TI should be fine I presume... Edit: Flashed it, but cannot install video driver, any help would be appreciated
  5. Can we flash 780TI BIOS on reference 780 ? Any info regarding this ?
  6. In 3d ? You can probably play some games @600mhz core
  7. It's no problem to program till 1.6v Also find registers to disable Vdroop, but hit power limit @ 1345 1325mv and now it throttles...
  8. Great But how you managed to run 1212mv with stock bios ? Theres no stock BIOS capable of running more than 1.2v or even 1187 afaik
  9. No way, don't even try it. Gr8 clocks for air...seems Classy is hitting @1.35v 200mhz more on average than ref.card with 1.2v At what freq you can finish Vally bench it's usually 2-3 steps(+13) more than FireX ?
  10. Best fans rpm's with modded non-reference BIOS:, lock - LN2 BIOS all went ok
  11. NP i prefer PresicionX - here's the latest version - EVGA | Software | EVGA Precision Also MSI Afterburner - here's - http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/ Both are based on the same engine by Nikolay aka Unwider rivatuner creator, but for the moment Titan/700 series Presicion works more stable and compatible with them.
  12. GPU-Z second tab(sensors) is OK or PresitionX/AfterBurner log/monitoring to check your real freq. I'm talking about GPU score you've got, not the total one, also those 1st and 2nd which you questioned above and their real frequency and GPU scores.
  13. @OdrzutoweWrotki Those are Volt modded and BIOS modded what you cannot understand here: 1. 1,320/1,750MHz - 6128 2. 1,254/1,800MHz - 5891 You - 1146/1830 - 5444 So every 100mhz = ~450p more X points. And stop judging real freq from GPU-Z(first tab) or NV inpector tools. They have written them in their submissions.
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