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  1. Hey Guys, I sold my Asus GTX 760 DirectCUII OC on ebay around two months ago, the guy reported it as not working even though I had previously used it without problems from new. Just received it back today to check for myself why it is not working but I have a new build from what I used the card before. Currently running an AMD 7850K APU with no dedicated card except for the 760 I just got back. There is power as shown by the green LED, the fans are spinning at max but the card is not detected as the buyer first reported. I have tried connecting via HDMI and DVI to VGA. The six pin power is plugged into my Corsair RM650 PSU, which is obviously more than sufficient. The card is seated and fixed in slot correctly as repeated this twice to make sure. Done a BIOS reset by removing battery, disabled the onboard graphics in BIOS to allow for PCI to take over. I am using the Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI Mini-ITX so there is only one PCI-E slot. I can only think that the card has been flashed or voltages run too high by this guy and therefore rendered the card useless, there is no physical damage ruling out courier damage in transit. I doubt of any liquid damage since there is no signs of residue and the card powers on fine. Any ideas? Anyway to detect the card outside of windows device manager such as some software or in DOS? Can I flash the card or check it's status even though it's not detected? Thinking to just RMA it to Asus but that will take a ridiculous amount of time. Thanks.
  2. Got any anti-virus/malware running through your browser? If not message mods/admins maybe something to do with your donation/account.
  3. Will you be creating a bios for the newer cards, I have the EVGA GTX 780 SC ACX. I would be willing to donate for it. Thanks.
  4. Which bios can I use for EVGA SC ACX? BIOS Version: (P2083-0021) Revision: A1 Thanks.
  5. Can I use any other bios linked here for my new 780 sc acx or will you be creating something with the bios I gave you? Thanks.
  6. Sure, here you go: https://mega.co.nz/#!3kYU3SwQ!aQuzh0AIzb-_5SEWJ_-CQG2Xp1pjYAW83YHFqXkLr_Q Thanks!
  7. I have the SC ACX not classified, which version should I use? Thanks.
  8. Trying to flash your EVGA 780 - SC ACX - 80.10.3A.00.81 - 'OC edition v03' using nvflash in DOS but get a board ID mismatch (something along those lines) even with accepting with yes. Any ideas on the problem? Here is my validation: techPowerUp GPU-Z Validation 59p4v Thanks.
  9. Was having a direct x error every game when I first got it but now seems to be fine, don't recall any update client side?
  10. Phot3k

    Gaming Headset

    I would highly recommend dedicated headphones from brands such as Sennheiser, Shure, Audio Technica and Grado for decent quality sound. Then you can use a dedicated Mic which will also be much higher quality than cheap headsets marketed at a ridiculous price due to brand and style. If you really want an all in one, go for the Sennheiser PC series like the PC360.
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