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NVIDIA Kepler VBIOS mods - Overclocking Editions, modified clocks, voltage tweaks

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Ok, good job! Why did you design for it to drop 25mv above 60degC? To protect the GPU? How did you choose/arrive at 60 degC as the critical point?

It no my choice, it is Nvidia disign.

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It no my choice, it is Nvidia disign.

Ah, that's interesting. My GPU (670MX) used to drop 25mv as well, but it doesn't do that with svl7's latest VBIOS. I think it's better that it doesn't decrease the voltage, because when it drops it will reduce your maximum achievable overclock. Also, I don't think a 25mv drop is effective in protecting the GPU. I mean, there was no point for my GPU at stock to reduce it's voltage from 0.925V to 0.900V above 60degC because those voltages are so low that they are absolutely no problem for Kepler. Some Kepler mobile cards, like the the 750M in some notebooks operate at 1.156V at 74 degC (as seen in Notebookcheck.net GPUz results), so I really don't understand why NVidia have written in that 25mv drop above 60 degC - doesn't make any sense to me. Anyone got any ideas on why they might have designed this 25mv drop? The good news is that svl7's VBIOS, at least the one I'm using, removes this 25mv drop.

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Here are my overclock settings from my gtx770m. For everybody who is interested in overclocking his gtx770m. :)

PS: I'm not responsable for any damage on your vga-card!

for me this settings are stable ;)

my temperatures are never over 75 Celcius

wow ! nice score

the best i can get was

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-4700MQ,Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. MS-16F4

any idea ?

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@jvalldom Where you download the april 2013 bios for clevo p170em? I don't find it.

I found this thread: Clevo Bios older models (released in/after 2012) months ago.

Clevo p170em is not in production anymore so is consider as old models thread. The bios 1.02.17 and ec/kbc 1.02.12 from april 2013 are latest.

Read carefully what is said there, and also the readme.text on downloaded files, cause is not "update.bat" what u have to execute, is the real name of the .bat in the downloaded archive. "flashme.bat" in the case of the bios as far as can remenber.

Good luck!.

- - - Updated - - -

My gpu model is gtx680m so the vbios is different from urs. About the vbios specs u should find out anywhere else in the forum or ask directly svl7.

My opinion after reading first page of this thread is that the vbios u downloaded has unlocked frecuencies from core and mem but also voltage so now u are able to changes any of the 3 parameters with software like msi afterburner.

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Aren't you guys setting your power limit in NV Inspector? Maybe just set it to the maximum that you can in NV Inspector?

^ This.

My GPU is Dell Nvidia K5000M, the current BIOS version is 80.04.5A.00.05 which is different from the 1st page. Could I use it ?


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Thanks svl7, There is another person has the same request as me. On the other hand, I am thinking to adjust the base clock up to 771 (same as K5100M) and memory up to 2000. Would you recommend it?


"But this K5000M Dell Bios is old, Dell relased newer version and fix some problems in Precision M6600/M6700: - Original release

80.04.5A.00.05 - Updated vBIOS that works with legacy option ROMs disabled (required to enable secure boot for Windows 8

Could you please modify this newest vBios?

The best for testing will be unlock this vBios in 3 versions:

rev 01: stock voltages, stock clocks, + unlock overclocking limit

rev 02: bit higher 3d voltage, stock clocks, + unlock overclocking limit

rev 03: much higher 3d voltage, stock clocks, + unlock overclocking limit

Thanks in advance.

Download link:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/03z4z0qadx...4.5A.00.05.rom"<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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@Olol: Did you try running NV Inspector with administrator rights, i.e. right click the NV Inspector Icon & select Run As Administrator?

Also, are you sure your score is being limited by power? I'm not sure how to interpret the green section of the PerfCap Reason in your GPUz screenshot. Doesn't the green section mean that you're NOT being limited? Your Power Consumption is only showing 76.1% TDP, so how could you be power limited?

(Also GPUz is showing 100% GPU usage, so I don't see how you're being limited)

(Or maybe your power brick can't supply enough Watts to your GPU, if you've only got a 180W power adapter & you're trying to game & charge the battery at the same time?)

Don't know for sure about all of these, just ideas, but for sure try to run NV Inspector as Run as Administrator, and hopefully that will free up the power slider.

(And my last idea is maybe your memory overclock is too high. GDDR5 memory is self error correcting, so can run stably at high overclocks, but sometimes performance will decrease as the memory clocks go above a certain point, as the rate of error correction can't keep up with amount of errors being produced - you can test this theory by lowering your memory overclock substantially - I have my memory at 1150Mhz, and that's enough bandwidth (certainly for 3DMark11 benchmark comparisons anyway))

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