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  1. Please @Prema i really appreciateyour work and would like to see an vbios for the alienware 13...
  2. Hello guys, I would like to see a modded vbios for the gtx 960m. I know that the vbios had to be extracted out of the bios and probably @Prema can help us to use the full potential of our alienware 13.
  3. You have to do 5 useful posts in this forum to be allowed to download attached files
  4. We have to use an bios prpgramming utility to flash the bios chip because of the new secure flash included in the new alienware 18...
  5. You can't use the dual psu mod on new alienware 18 notebooks because of power limit!
  6. Hey you can use nvflash. Instuctions are easy to find online.
  7. Hello, This should be the right vbios for your slave card to run as primary card. But i can't guarantee it! http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/109727/alienware-hd3870x2mobility-512-080829.html
  8. I have talked to svl7 and he meant that it isn't possible to unlock power limits on new aw 18 even with an unlocked bios.. we have to mod something on the motherboard. I can probably ask him whether it is possible to control the fans in another way like HWINFO.
  9. Did you try DDU and do a clean driver install? Please install the driver with driver signation disabled in windows!
  10. Probably the Heatsink is old and faulty. Another option is repasting the gtx 880m or downclock it a little bit. Also you can use Fan control.
  11. If you have overclocked 7970m the performance would improve a little bit but not with stock clocked cards.
  12. 86c is totally normal for this card. The gtx 880m is known for running very hot
  13. The gtx 880m gets very hot under load. Your temperatures are a high but not critical. I would repaste your gpu. do you use a 100w heatsink for the gtx 880m in your aw 18?
  14. You have to install the driver with disabled driver signature enforcement! That might be the problem.
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