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  1. Hi svl7, can you please contact me about of the gtx770m vbios and the k3000m fix Thanks,Greetz:)
  2. @ svI7, Can you please check your e-mail about the shipped package
  3. @ svI7, Can you please check your e-mail about the shipped package many thanks, greetz
  4. @ svl7 can you please check your Emails and Private Messages:encouragement: the package its already at the depot;) sent you the track and trace code greetz
  5. i aready flashed it back once when i used a Vbios that only the voltage was increased but that gave me a lower score so i flashed back to the original Vbios with the bad flash my screen got totaly dark and mouse and keyboard weren't working so followed the instructions svI7 gave me to make a uefi bios on a hard drive, change some settings in the uefi bios and than put the brickcard back in now i see, in my case the HP logo;) , but very small cant start the system from usb to go into dos or to do a blind flash so i am waiting for further instructions:encouragement: greetz
  6. Thank you very much for responding so quickly svI7 I have e-mailed you the modified Vbios and also the original one Thanks Greetz:)
  7. Hi svI7:) bad bios flash ,HELP PLEASE Have send you a private message I have a flash gone wrong gtx770m dell subvendor, please help thanks greetz
  8. Hi Klem, Sorry for being too enthusiastic When will the 1,1volt Vbios for the gtx770m be ready Greetz:D
  9. What Vbios is the best for my system to use i read about a 1,1volt version vbios in the Kepler mod thread Thanks in advance for any help you are kind enough to provide Greetz
  10. Hi svI7, i'm running the card just now in my system (HPZ1) greetz
  11. Hi Klem very kind of you, thank you:cool: VGA Bios Collection: Dell GTX 770M 3072 MB | techPowerUp Greetz
  12. Hi Klem, This is Amazing!!!, also looking forward to see your bios on the gtx770m I run a HPZ1 their are 6 cooling fans in it so it will be great:encouragement: greetz
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