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Processor with Errors in overclocking (Questions with TPL)


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Hey guys,

I've runned just to check my temps some rounds with wPrime (1.55) and was wondering why my multiplikator isn't that high as I've choosen it.

My last run was follow: (with i7 920xm)

24x Multi


133.005 Standard BCLK

No Voltage Increase

(Read out with Throttlestop 3.00)

Were sitting at my U3 Cooler. Temps were maximal 90°C (on 1st and 2nd line), others at 85°C and last 2 were only 77°C.

Is that normal?

So here is the 1024 Score: 372,487 secs. At all tests my multiplikator is jumping down to 17 and goes maximal to 20-21!! (Never hitted the 24x)

What have I done wrong? (Idle temp is at only 45°C)

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Yeah, what Stam says... repaste time :)

Also, 62W TPD is too low for 24x on all cores, you'll need about 78-82W for this, can't remember. You can easily test it with a 32m wPrime test: Set it to 8 threads, set all the TDP and multi in Throttlestop and start the test. Watch the multis and load in TS, when everything is set properly the multis will go up to the set level and the load will be at 100%. If the load isn't at 100% during the test, or the multi doesn't hit the max set value, your TDP setting is too low.

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Great advice from three great minds above. The tension on each of the four cpu screws may need to be adjusted wjile system is open ie attach lcd cables again and the basic wiring to be able to turn system on anfter repasting and slowly tighten the four screws down from 1-4 in order and start to slow down by screw 3 and four to see where the temps start to improve. Close system and give a final test again.

If you havent already you can use HWiNFO fan control to keep cpu colest possible from the start of the test or even better make a fan profile that kicks fans in at higher levels sooner than the stock EC fan control.

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