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  1. Well I planned about 1000-1200€ for 2nd gen i7 and 580m/ 7970m I'm going to upgrade if I'll get an good offer with 580m to 7970m. Sounds weird, yep. That I am. x) If it would be an 2nd gen i7 then I'm going with the i7-2960XM. If it would be 3rd gen i7 then the i7-3920XM. 50€ more or less, this wouldn't matter. I am not sure which Prozessor would get better overclocked.
  2. Hey guys, I had a looooooong drive to my first Alienware - the M17x R2. I upgraded it from CPU to GPU to even better Memory.. and I sold it, what I deeply regret. I'm now at my desktop with i3 and gtx 660.. buyed it just an half year ago but I hate it. It also takes a lot of Space at my desk.. the dust not to mention. ^^ So I'll gotta go for an used Alienware Laptop, but which one? I would have enough place for an M18x, but dont know whetherthepower, guess It's overpowered for me. I even dont know which Revision I should take :/ These new M17/ M18 are pretty awsome, but way too pricey. So, I'm comingfrom an i7 920xm (oc to 3.6ghz) to an i3 3220 with 2 cores @ 3.3ghz. Should I take the Sandy Bridge or the Ivy? 'Cause I dont know if for example you can overclock an i7-2670QM that high as you can overclock an extreme Series processor, I definately would upgrade to an extreme processor. So then, the graphic: I dont play the newest Shooters, I'll play an very exotic FPS called Shootmania Storm, which can handle my gtx 660 easily at 90fps. Just sometimes I'll play games like Assassins Creed Brotherhood (best evaaar), Relevations, Mafia 2, Bioshock Infinite and Grid 2. As I wrote in the beginning, I upgraded my r2 with an 7970m. It was pretty awsome, but I wanted to get an nvidia card for the 2D Lightboost. So a little question here: Is it possible to activate the Lightboost on the integrated Display? For what would you guys prefer for my have? Two gtx 580 in an M18x, one 7970m in an R3/ R4 or an 680m? I'm not really interested to upgrade my graphic card an half year later. So some more questions which really could help me consider which Model I'll get. Are the M17x R3 or 4 made of anodized aluminium or does they have some kind of rubber on top and the sides? I know the M18x R1 does have anodized aluminium, like the M17x R2. And how is the heatabsorbation compared in the R3/ R4 and the M18x R1 ? When you're arrived here, I wanted to say thanks for reading this shit whats now out of my mind to make it more clear Eh, last but not least: What would be an fair price for an M17x R3 with normal i7 quadcore, 580m, 8gb ram, 500gb hdd? And what with 680m? Thanks for the read Iamcurious about your answers. Greets, mav
  3. Did you increased the Turbo Power Limits (TPL) ? You should increase the Numbers to TDP 80 and TDC 62 and set the Button on Sync Profiles. Then start an TS Bench with 8 Threads and 32M. While benchmarking look if the multiplikator stays at your 19.00 or if its throttling (going under 19.00)
  4. Sers, just wanted to ask you where I can find out which Panel I got. I bought more than an half year ago an 1200p Panel, was used in good conditions, very cheap and so i go for it.
  5. Yep, he buyed it from amazon on 30.04.2012, i think 1 year warranty. So, I wrote to him last night, he has two r3's, one with the i5 and 4gb ram + 128gb ssd, the other one with i7, 8gb ram and 256gb ssd.. I asked for the i7 for 700 Euro and 256gb ssd, even without ssd he wont go under 800 Euro.. well ok, it is only an half year old. So, we continued wroting for that i5.. and silly as I am i decided to offer and offer.. and finally got it with that 128gb ssd (Samsung 830 *__*) for 690 Euro. I'm so proud I couldnt sleep last night So.. I'm not going to paint (let me paint it).. it's too much money, only some selfmade stickers. But what? I damaged my keyboard as I wrote in my r1, should i buy a new one or let it remain so.. theres only the left side, going from Tabulator, Esc up to number 3, "s", "y".. i dont know how to fix this. Yep, theres another question ..^^ I'm waiting for my copper shims to do the heatsink mod, now: would you recommend it to mod it to my new r3 then? Ofc would I wait until the warranty expires. Greetings, tomorrow I'm driving to it <3
  6. So.. wasnt here long time ago. Well, i've got an M17x R2, config you can see in my signature.. and this is my desktop replacement.. and for an real LAN I'm travelling it around too. This 11 inch notebook is just for fun, when I'm sitting outside, for travelling or even one night at a friend. For those weekends I don't want to travelling it into an trolley with new clothes and so on. Btw, I've got an new request to buy an half year old r3 laptop.. upgraded with 256gb ocz ssd, i7 and 2gb gpu + 8gb ram.. so for what price I can ask for? My current M11x i paid 440 Euro, now I'm going to heatsink mod it.. and euh.. need an new keyboard.. ^^ So what, 700 Euro for r3?
  7. So, as here it wasn't posted in this forum yet, ill try to get some more Supporters. If YOU ever waited for an R4 as many people know, DELL won't produce it until we can change this! Sign up here (inofficial) or here (official) and please share it to everyone, so we can see the M11x Line continuing You can also sign up for an M12x here, but i would prefer to continuing. Thanks for reading and supporting! <3
  8. Whoopa.. i already ordered a M11x r1.. i saved more then 450$.. that would be 2 r1's Now I'm going to give it a heatsink, then maybe an color change The only poor thing is that you cant overclock that much and easy as an i-core and that driver switching is heavily annoyoing.. But quite nice with an protective non-reflective foil
  9. Hm.. sounds pretty good unreal25. But its very new = very pricey >.> Anyway: I sorted out myself some time ago the R2, but well in games that uses multiple cores it runsaway against R1. And: I really love that powerfull beast R3, the main thing is that its currently only 1 availible (ends today 7.08pm) and stands now at 640 Euro ($791) ..for 800 Euro ($990..) I could get 2 R1 !! This is heavy! I know: You all recommend me to get the R3 because the Hinge, better GPU, faster cpu and also the better display. So what if: -I only playing games on it what aren't demanding for its hardware? For the Display i go with an antireflex foil. Maybe the R2 is "more worth" than the R1 (at good price) ? I will try to get the R3.. Ah yes i forgot something and also want to hear your opinion Some dudes selling their R1 with new hinge design, someone also with completely new Display. Would there be a chance that the new Display is one from the R3?
  10. Yep, the ultrabook series starts now very well.. but I'm not interested in those ones. (waaay too pricey) So, i think my post was going under: The provider has taken out the offer! No worry to buy and together tinker some laptop So what would be an fair price for R3 with i5, 5gb ram and a purchase date of Oktober 2011? 550 Euro? (676,11500 US-Dollar, google ftw.) /e I've also read that the R3 is going to be a little bit louder than the R1, but has a deeper fan sound. Is this right?
  11. The provider has taken this broken one out. lol Now compare the prices.. Right now another one R1 goes out for 406Euro (500$) So i think the R3 will go for 100$ more.. You played D3 at FHD on the extern monitor?!
  12. Well.. currently i have enough money to grab an new M11x r3, but I don't want to throw my money out the window.. I would be happy when i can grab an R3 (i5) for 500$, an R1 + new hinge for 400$.. Cause I upgrade it to an 256gb ssd. (+ 200$) Do you have your M11x R3 already? Go offense I've you didn't have it yet. Puh.. 100$ seperate from those 2 .. really hard decide :S I will get to sleep now (5.22 am.. x)) and just decide out of my belly out
  13. I really want to have an M11x, but its getting old and rarity for them.. Actually good prices for: What would you say? -M11x R1 -M11x R2 w. i5 -M11x R3 w. i5 What would you say about this one: >>click here<< Its without any stuff, only the Notebook, no ac adapter, no original packaging and the hinge is broken.. Well: New, good used hinge ("b ware") you can buy also there for only 25$. Now i need to find an original ac adapter (around 100$) Would you do this? When the price wont go up to 190$ I'm discussing.. ALL really ALL other M11x got and get buyed for 460$ (r1) to 615$ (r2, i5) up to 700$ (r2, i7) I would hope that this dirt is going to wipe out.. And so: With this new hinge, its all OK then? Or should I be aware something/ buying additional stuff?
  14. You MUST HAVE a wide refrigerator!! /btw Congrats to your 2k posts!
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