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  1. The GTX 765m is a plug n play and you shouldn't need anything special.
  2. I can confirm this also is a issue. Can't get a workaround for windows 10. But windows 7 works fine. You can just pair a great pair of bluetooth Speakers or use a nice set of Headphones and they work=) Bypassing the need for audio drivers and an audio card etc.
  3. Hello actively using the Alienware M17 xR3 with the Unlocked A12 bios fitted with a 880m upgraded from the 580m. The 980m will work with bios/temp lock tweaking and underclocking(Not worth the money unless u find it cheap, may be easier to find who knows.) Its currently running the i7-2720QM but this will be upraded to the 2860QM here in a couple days. The ram is modernized Corsair vengeance ram clocked at 1600mhz 16ghz. Bios-A12 Motherboard-stock GPU-880m CPU-2720qm upgrading to 2860qm Ram 2x 8gb 1600mhz Corsair Vengeance This laptop plays Call of duty on high settings no problem at 45-60 fps. red dead redemption 2 Gta V Pretty much anything you throw at it still=) you will surely have to load a Modded .inf file to get some of these games to work. but as of right now they are running flawlessly.
  4. Ok please make sure to get a hold of me somehow! I am looking for a healthy community I can use with this laptop still! I will keep my eyes peel'd for you over there! I did reapply the thermal paste to both the CPU/GPU and I have aftermarket cooling to it. It could be that I need new thermal padding? Maybe... idk will take a look if or when I replace this CPU. It does not do it with all games. Mostly Call of Duty related...so really no telling lol.
  5. For sure this new driver is really working great! I've only encounter one or two minor bugs here and there. Where my games have just suddenly crashed without an error or anything...generally within the first 20 minutes. However as the driver seeds itself into position and after an initial 24 hour burn in test with multiple games ranging from For Honor, World of warcraft to Call of duty Modern warfare Multiplayer/Battle Royale mode(Super Memory intensive). My 880m is absolutely shredding through these. It makes me squeal in delight tbh. For this I can not thank you enough and I can not wait to see your how-to video and will be sure to give it plenty of rates up!
  6. That driver worked and fit just like a glove! It allows me to play all the games I couldn't before while maintaining the performance you'd expect a 880m to achieve! Very successful results over mine! You'll have to let me know what you did that I didn't! I am extremely grateful for your services MattyB
  7. To be perfectly honest, I don't believe I am putting the GPU_ID's and Dell ID's in the right places etc.
  8. Sweet! I will look around for the replacement fan for the R3. Waiting for ram to come in tomorrow before i rip it open etc. Still no luck for me getting the drivers to work. I honestly think im doing something wrong I have the 2720qm processor in my current laptop now.
  9. Sweet I will give this a go when I get to work here in the next 2 hours. I was thinking of going with the 2920xm and overclocking it to get the 2960xm stock performance. This way Heat management is not a problem, I'll get the 2960's performance while being able to maintain a manageable G2 Socket temperature. However judging on price it may be easier just to stick with a QM and call it a day. I dont see how much overclocking I would get out of a stock G2 Heat-sink...Of course I have it on a laptop cooler and all. But lets be realistic, the R3 wasn't intended for overclocking.
  10. PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1198&SUBSYS_04901028&REV_A1PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1198&SUBSYS_04901028PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1198&CC_030000PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1198&CC_0300 ^ Above posted info is my device info for my Clevio 880m. I figured it would be somewhat limited in certain features. Anything you can come up with that may yield better results than I would be greatly appreciated. I did attempt to do it manually by myself, however as I said it fails, if you get better results, then by all means I would love for you to teach me! Also would you happen to know if the 2960XM or 2920XM works in the M17x R3 model? I was looking around somewhere and some people say its plug n play since its still socket G2. However others say you need a modified bios for the R4 model for it to work, Which I won't mess with if thats the case. I am still looking for a healthy 2860QM chip! I am still very excited for this project!
  11. I have only been able to get the drivers from this site to work. Which is 425.xx I had tried modding the files myself as I have been unable to actually find pre-modded driver support for my 880m. I plan to upgrade the CPU in this alienware as well to either the 2860qm or the 2960xm. I am also throwing in 16gb of ram for fun. I could upgrade to another model:/ but I really don't feel like it as this laptop still screams life, It truly wants to do anything I throw at it. I just need to get it to accept drivers:/ If it helps I am also running the A12 drivers unlocked provided from techinferno as well.
  12. Hi! running an alienware M17x R3 upgraded to a 880m from a 560m. I will certainly say as of 4/26/2020 this thing rips through just about anything you throw at it within the limitations that you find good drivers. Which decent drivers aren't hard to fine. I am currently going to be upgrading the processor to a intel core-i7 2960xm paired with 16gbs of Ram your choice at 1600 mhz. This laptop is still relevant and rips apart games like red Dead Redemption 2, For Honor, Doom 2016, World of warcraft(all blizzard titles), GTA 5 and most importantly it can run crysis on high settings. I say give it a go=)
  13. Not trying to hijack this thread. But I also can not get my Alienware to accept any new drivers. However mine being alittle older than your 980m I have a 880m. Also have the same issues as you even with driver enforcement turned off. I've tried multiple .inf mods but I still am unable to get it to accept any new drivers and therefore I can't play games like Doom eternal etc. I know its not the graphics API and this laptop will play Red Dead 2 which also uses Vulkan hardware as well=)
  14. Do we know if the 880m GTX for this laptop is still getting active drivers?
  15. Interested to know how this goes! However I don't have any major thermal throttling running the 880m on the A12 unlock Bios. I also had to sacrifice my HD Audio entirely though. I still can't figure out if its a bad Bios install or im doing something wrong with the driver installs after I upgraded the GPU(Shrugs) Doesn't matter anyways because I use a work aroundxD. You can always try reapplying the thermal grease compound, As well as make sure the thermal pads are placed properly over the memory. I also red somewhere as well that if you upgraded from another GPU sometimes you have to cut back on some of the thermal padding itself. To allow the GPU to have a larger thermal dissipation radius.
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