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Lenovo Y410p/Y510p BIOS mod to enable Nvidia eGPU support


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@3.8jake, as far as I know, there's only one "Windows" key on the y510p keyboard.


I don't really remember the procedure since I did it so long ago. But do you see the activity light on the USB stick blink continuously, as if the PC is reading something? Or does it blink for a few seconds and then stop? In case of the latter, I think, the procedure isn't being executed.


Also, since there's already two people with formally "healthy" BIOSes (and just incorrect settings) failing to do the crisis flash, I wonder if it somehow detects that the BIOS is undamaged and doesn't need reflashing? Although, this check would be extremely hard and unnecessary to implement, I think, and they'd better just flash whatever is given anyway.

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On 1/16/2022 at 7:26 AM, 3.8jake said:

@High_VoltageI tried using the 4gb thumbdrive that I used to program the bios mod as the recovery and another 4 gb drive that was formatted as fat and with only the recovery bios.  Both drives have activity lights.  Does it matter which windows key you need to press?  I put the drives in the usb 3.0 port closest to the HDMI output.


Have you tried using the USB 2.0 port? I know a lot of people had success with USB 2.0 port and a pen drive that only supports USB 2.0. Might give it a try.

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@High_Voltage Sorry I should have looked closer.  I'm used to 2 windows keys.  Not even once have I seen any activity from bothe  my usb's I've tried to use and the lights work just fine on other computers.  I got a different response from the laptop this morning by holding fn + b.  Now when I hit the power button the keyboard backlights comes on for about a second and the power led on the button stays on and the cpu fan runs constant.

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