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  1. @intruder I just tried it and same response. No usb activity at all.
  2. @High_Voltage Sorry I should have looked closer. I'm used to 2 windows keys. Not even once have I seen any activity from bothe my usb's I've tried to use and the lights work just fine on other computers. I got a different response from the laptop this morning by holding fn + b. Now when I hit the power button the keyboard backlights comes on for about a second and the power led on the button stays on and the cpu fan runs constant.
  3. @High_VoltageI tried using the 4gb thumbdrive that I used to program the bios mod as the recovery and another 4 gb drive that was formatted as fat and with only the recovery bios. Both drives have activity lights. Does it matter which windows key you need to press? I put the drives in the usb 3.0 port closest to the HDMI output.
  4. I did the 3.08 bios mod no issues. I tried in the cpu overclocking menu to change base voltage offset from 0 + to 50 - and I have been unable to get this to boot ever since. I tried different ram, holding win+r with just the crisis bios on the root of a fat formatted 4gb drive. I also tried fn+r fn+b waiting about a min to release. I tried holding f2 when powering on for about 7 seconds then 9 f9 f10 no luck. I tried shorting the cmos 2 pins under the ram every way I can think of and no luck. I also put in different ram that was different size and vendor (4gb vs 8gb) no luck. I just get a blank screen with the keyboard backlight on. I also removed the expansion bay, the ssd, and the wifi adapter.
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