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  1. @High_Voltage Thank you so much! Honestly I did not even expect you to reply to this old thread when I first posted. Was just trying my luck! Thank you for all the tips and guidance all along. Will keep you posted once I attempt this little project in the future. You da champ!!
  2. Yeah would definitely do some light cleaning and also some mountings to ensure the LUA is well connected. For the eGPU and bios - since everything is stable-ish now I'd stay as it is till I get my hands on another gpu - before trying other methods. The monitor: thanks for the detailed explanation man! Now I get it - multiplexer eDP signals split into two - one to the PS8625 converter through capacitor 14-19, the other to the JLVDS1 connector through capacitor 30-35. I also noticed the same for eDP HPD from multiplexer - splits into two - one directly to PS8625 and the other to JLVDS1 through a resistor (shown at the bottom of pg. 34). Not sure what is the resistor for and not sure if this is important - perhaps to sync the voltage to something else? Would only find out with experimentation. If I succeed in changing the signal path from multiplexer-LVDS to multiplexer-eDP panel connector, I'd then need TX0 +-, TX1 +-, HPD, +5V and a ground. A total of 7 wires, right? I guess my biggest challenge with this is the soldering and desoldering part to remove PS8625 and/or remove/replace the capacitors. Would YouTube some how-to guides cause I've never done such tiny solderings haha. Oh and yeah, by any chance do you have any idea what does eDP Aux do? Since we're probably leaving it out.
  3. @High_Voltage Sorry for the late reply - just recovered from some post-vaccination side effects! So a couple hours ago I just re-flashed this modded bios without any complications and yeah backflash was enabled by default - thanks for this brilliant move!! However I do realise that my AMD driver crashes (which causes game crashes) more often when I am on the modded bios as compared to stock 3.08 (because i still get crashes on stock bios just less frequent like twice in 10hours - and I was crashing a few times each hour when on the modded bios) I do not know whether there is direct correlation or not, or the crashes are purely by chance - It could be other causes - maybe the lenovo ultrabay adapter (LUA) isn't tightly secured (as I had to disassemble and reassemble everything when modding bios) or it could be this Sapphire R7 260x's inherent issue. This isn't a very big issue for me but just out of curiosity, I don't suppose this mod is only Nvidia-stable and not AMD-stable, right? To my understanding this modded bios only added an Nvidia Patch, and not replacing stuffs - so that should not be the case I have tried: - different psus - currently upgraded to a Corsair RM750 - different amd drivers - UMA only/discrete graphics - enable/disable intel graphics - underclocking w Afterburner Unfortunately I do not currently have another GPU to test it out - but I am guessing this is probably R7 260X's problem (from what i googled). _______ As for the external monitor - I went through the schematics just to find that the multiplexers are really complex! Haha the connector gets LVDS signal from the PS8625 converter chip (page 34) but also outputs eDP to someplace - you were suggesting I harvest the eDP signals here, right? But I do not know where do these signals originally go to hmm and PS8625 also has eDP inputs (probably from the chip on page 38 and in turn from CPU on page 8) and eDP outputs. I just do not get why does my connector outputs eDP signals and not sure if I can just use these eDP signals to directly power my monitor - considering that what get send to my internal LCD are the LVDS signals. I was thinking either - a) harvesting eDP signals from PS8625 - but would need very careful soldering; or b) from the chip on page 38; or c) to use an LVDS to HDMI/DP converter - but just to realise that the LVDS pinouts are not the generic 30pins LVDS - so I have to find out the what each LVDS pins do and match them to an HDMI/DP unfortunately, they are again labelled with non-generic names - only "LVDS A1 NVS", LVDS B1 NVS" etc - which isn't helpful haha. It seems that this project would not be as easy as Ive previously thought!
  4. @High_Voltage GOOD NEWS! Turns out it's as easy as executing the stock v3.08 exe file! my problem is solved and now laptop screen and integrated graphics are on. I AM BACK TO STOCK 3.08! However i noticed on the top right corner of my BIOS screen it says Rev 3.7. Does that mean my EC remains the modded EC? So if I were to re-mod my bios I only have to flash the BIOS and Skip the EC? Or just re-flashing the EC to be safe? THANK GODD
  5. Dear good sir, Soldering a DP cable to the original video output on the motherboard sounds interesting - but would tapping each individual wires on the original wire harness be easier? However I think the pin-outs of this socket is nowhere to be found and also we do not know what is the bandwidth limit of this video output socket -> could well be limited to 1080p 120Hz (as i'm using a 1080p 165Hz monitor) Anyways, a little update on today's failed attempts:- Desoldering the CMOS battery So I desoldered both the terminals of the CMOS battery, then reconnected the power button then held the power button for a good while - few minutes long. This was done without laptop battery and without AC power. Nothing happened. A little digging on the forum shows that others who bricked their bios also similarly desoldered the CMOS battery with no success, and it is suggested that CMOS memory is also stored some place else on the motherboard, and would not get deleted even when we remove the CMOS battery. Win+R I proceeded with this recovery method. - AC power off, battery removed - FreeDOS USB into the port nearest to HDMI - Held down Win+R, connect AC > AC power on > (still holding down Win+R) Power button On - I think the laptop proceeded to boot to windows (which i could not see) - What could have I possibly done wrong here? I used the same exact FreeDOS USB that i created to flash this modded bios (it was untouched since flashing the bios which was about a week ago) - Should i insert the battery before pressing power ON (while holding down Win+R)? - Could it be that lenovo y410p has a different key combination than y510p? - Could it be that - now that my laptop is posting normally, it just boots to windows without booting through the FreeDOS even when Win+R was held down? - FYI my hard drive containing my windows is in MBR partition so my windows was installed through legacy mode - not UEFI, and it should have boot priority over the USB even when the system is set to Legacy Support, SecureBoot Off, Support Other OS. - When i first flash this modded bios, i had to press F10 to get into boot manager to select the FreeDOS USB or else it would just boot into windows Interestingly enough I tried shorting the two tabs of JCMOS2 again, this time while holding down power button to discharge (without AC, without laptop battery) and after that i got into a bootloop, fortunately laptop boots normally again when i removed the rams and reinserted them (so the bootloop was probably caused by rams not properly plugged in) Other steps Fortunately after all these hassle I can still boot normally into windows and use my pc via the ext monitor connected to my AMD eGPU. I can confirm that it was not my internal screen that was not working because the integrated graphics still did not show up in my device manager - which means that bios settings are still not reset. Unfortunately I never have the SLI Ultrabay GPU. I currently have two things in mind: 1) Now that I can still boot into Windows normally, should i just fire up the stock bios .exe file to flash the stock v3.08 bios then proceed from there? I am worried that while flashing the bios I'd need to press certain keys like typing certain confirmation letter like "Y" - which I can not see for now. 2) Do you still have with you the y510p with this modded bios by any chance? If so can you take photos of your bios screen so that i can navigate blindly to "restore to default"? I think this is a safer way.
  6. Hello thank you so much for the prompt reply! Attempt to reset bios failed: I removed the backcase just to find that the CMOS is soldered - then i found another way to reset:- Under the ram slots I found the JCMOS2 jumpers (see https://imgur.com/P7isA1O). This picture is found on other forums (for y510p) - I have the same jumpers, except that my JME1 is under JCMOS2 instead of side by side. So i shorted the two tabs of JCMOS2 using a wire but nothing happened - bios did not reset. I did this while powered off and without laptop battery (CMOS battery still in tact). I saw in svl7's post, one of the modders did reset his bios using this jumping method - he did this while the computer was powered on though (see 9th comment by p00pyjoel https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/3546-lenovo-y410p-y510p-unlocked-bios-wlan-whitelist-mod-vbios-mod/&page=54) I would try this method again on AC power but if that doesn't work then i will desolder and resolder the CMOS. About the recovery flash option: By this do you mean the Win+R method you included in the first page? But now that my video does not get output onto my internal screen anymore (not even Lenovo boot logo) would this Win+R method still work? and if it works, to which point will I be reverted to - the stock 3.08 or stock 2.07 - or would i remain on this modded bios? And yea it seems like there is no way to completely turn this laptop into a desktop - I don't really meddle with the bios options but later on when i swap to an NVIDIA card I'll need the internal screen to work to setup the card (install drivers etc.) I'm only using this AMD temporarily until 2070super gets closer to MSRP hahaha - which is the whole point of this bios mod. Finally thanks again for this mod - I was looking for donation links so that i can get you a beer or something just to realise they are nowhere to be found! (please guide me to one if you have one) Your effort in taking time to develop this and replying to almost every single comment really cannot be justified with words of thanks alone man.
  7. Hello @High_Voltage, greetings from Malaysia. First of all thanks a lot for the hard work. I have a y410p + ultrabay egpu running amd R7 260x, and I have successfully modded the bios and EC and everything works perfectly. I just have a little hiccup here - just now I was trying to get my external monitor (connected to my egpu via HDMI) to run as primary. Because I want to run the bios screen on my ext monitor, in an attempt to turn my y410p into a desktop. and I set the primary display to PEG (or PCI, I can't remember for sure). Initially it was SG. What happens now is that my ext monitor is now the PC screen (primary) but it would only turn on after booting into windows. So neither the Lenovo boot logo nor the bios appears on my ext monitor (they also don't appear on my original laptop screen anymore) and now my original laptop screen would not work at all, even if I extend/duplicate the screen. Also I don't see my Intel Graphics on device manager anymore. My questions are: 1) Is it safe to cmos-reset this custom bios so that I can get my internal laptop screen to work again? 2) is there a way to get my bios to run on my ext monitor? thanks in advance!!
  8. Hi there, did you get it worked by following the steps on page one alone? Would you mind sharing about any additional steps/precautions you took (if any) Thanks a bunch!!
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