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  1. Demisane: Link below for M14xR2 GT650M A13 Modified VBIOS http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware-m14x-aw-14/4667-m14x-r2-a13-unlocked-bios-modified-vbios-now-available.html Best Regards
  2. just starting to play on PC; will update, but looks good so far
  3. Supernatural The Walking Dead Game of Thrones Prison Break
  4. Assassin's Creed Unity will definitely give your GPU a work out with the setting turned up!
  5. hello all, nice to meet you and looking forward to some great info and advice here!
  6. m14xr2 starts throttling at 67C so that could be you issue; your cpu is running a little hot under idle; should check to see if fan ports need cleaning. You can change the throttling by turning of speed-step in the bios.
  7. I find that glossy looks better in the dark while matte doesn't reflect as much in the daytime.....its a toss up.
  8. Yeah, sounds like you'll have to open her up to get the disc out...no alternative; good luck with it!
  9. Hey ppl, just another computer nerd looking to learn and unlock features of my alienware laptop!!
  10. I know it's a bit dated, but have you tried the Half-Life series; if not it goes on sale on steam once in a while...
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