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  1. @Mr. Fox Fantastic! Thanks for your help. So he doesn't need to buy a new screen to get a dump of a non-corrupt EDID? (Sorry that I'm too busy to read it all through thoroughly and it would just go over my friend's head).
  2. My friend has an M17x R2 with my old GTX 680M in but has managed to fry 3 screens including the RGB LED one by installing recent nvidia drivers! He's sure the EDID has been corrupted. He said he saw there was a way to fix this using linux? Please could someone link me to any info they might have on this. @Mr. Fox?
  3. Perhaps this is a dumb question but did you try to use laptop or desktop nvidia drivers????
  4. Would you consider selling only the 970M? I could send you my 680M so you can still sell the complete system?
  5. Look near the cpu socket on the other side to the socket itself. Sent from my m8 using Tapatalk
  6. Where in the UK are you based? I have a 260M I can send you to test. You need to make certain that it is the GPU and not motherboard or other component.
  7. Best guide is here http://null-bin.blogspot.com.es/2015/08/how-to-modify-nvidia-notebook-driver.html
  8. Pulling the centre pin will not allow your laptop to boot. The two flashing lights you saw were to indicate the system has failed POST due to the video card. You may have soft-bricked your video card. No idea which the BIOS chip is and if you aren't sure either then I wouldn't advise you attempt to replace it. You need a certain competency with soldering to complete such a job. Do you have another graphics card you can try?
  9. You need to mod the inf file in the driver folder. The is a guide on this website that you can search for easy enough.
  10. I've been looking at the X4 also, has there been any coverage on this forum? Sent from my m8 using Tapatalk
  11. The way you solve throttling is to remove the centre pin from the PSU to remove the power limit but this will stop it recharging the battery. Some of us bought more powerful PSUs just to game on with no intention of needing them to charge the battery. You can also buy an L-adapter and remove centre pin on that. What vbios did you try to flash and how did you try to flash it? Were you using atiflash running off a bootable usb? I have a broken 7970M that you might be able to steal the bios chip from if you possess the necessary skill.
  12. Did you resolve this? I saw you posted this in NBR too and are getting help there.
  13. Khenglish I tried to put this in a PM but I see you can't receive them so I hope people don't mind me putting this here. Regarding your post above on increasing cooling capacity, I've added some copper vram heatsinks to my heatpipes and have a big 140mm fan blowing air on them which definitely drops temps quite a bit. I wonder if you have any ideas to take this further or how I might add more heatpipes with or without integrated radiator fins to increase cooling on what is quite a limited cooling system in m15x, particularly on CPU side, where fan bracket is integrated into the heatsink. I've checked out Enertron and may buy a few standard heatpipes just for fun (unless you have some spares?) but how do I go about bending them? Thanks!
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